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I walk carelessly down the dark road
My heavy black boots constantly clicking
Clicking on the cold cement
My long black and velvet Trench coat

A forgotten time
A forgotten society
A forgotten land
A forgotten people

Febuary 2nd 2008

A want for the blade
To cut into my sensitive flesh

A waiting heart
Is one full of sorrow

October 14th 2007

Cant anyone see?

I Love the sweet little things
The random comments
The sweet kisses
The heart felt hugs

Its all your fault
That life is like this
Its all your fault
As well as all the people like you

No one sees my pain
It is there
A dark spot in the light I show
The light that is not my true self

He showed me how to love
He showed me there is reason to live
The man who saved me from my darkness
The man who pulled me from my sorrow

I don’t understand it
I have everything I could want
But I’m still depressed
I’m still sad

I close my eyes and see you
Your smile
I hear you
Your laughter

If I died
And came back to life
As someone else
Would you love me then?

The man I love
Who pulled me from the dark
My Aijin
Who showed me there was reason to live

Why wont you see me?
Why is it you say you want to help,
That you want to see the real me.
Yet when I try to show you, you push me away?


I love him with all my heart
But why do I hide from him?
I love him with all my soul
So why do I Fear him

I watch as they are happy
I watch as they laugh and have fun
I watch my friends be happy and realize
They don't need me

I still love you,
After the blows we’ve thrown,
After the pain we’ve dealt to each other.
I still love you as if I had just fallen

Things are returning to how they used to be
Returning to the times when I am useless
To the times when my life has no meaning
To when I cant trust anyone

It hurts so much
The memory
The image of his lifeless body
The blood on the wall

Ankoku Gekido Biography

Hello My Name Is Ankoku Gekido, Now as most of you probably know that isnt my real name its a name some friends came up with. Ankoku means Darkness in Kanji and well Im known for my darkness, and Gekido means Wrath and in my group of the seven deadly sins I am Wrath so that is how I got my name and that is all you guys need to know about me.


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The Best Poem Of Ankoku Gekido

The Gothic Ballad

I walk carelessly down the dark road
My heavy black boots constantly clicking
Clicking on the cold cement
My long black and velvet Trench coat
Billowing in the slight breeze
My Chest slightly rising under my tight corset
My chains on my pants jingling together
As I walk down this Moon lit road
Staring up at the midnight moon
This is the ballad
The ballad of the lost
Of the silent warriors
Of the people you pass by and call freaks
Of the people
Who will save your soul
For our souls are pure
Our souls sing this ballad
The ballad of the night
The ballad of the pure hearts

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Ankoku Gekido Popularity

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