Manifesto Of Utopian Realism [may(7) ,995/Remade In 2015] Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Manifesto Of Utopian Realism [may(7) ,995/Remade In 2015]

manifesto of utopian realism
[may (7) ,1995:
yangon, myanmar]

utopian realism depicts a mixture of its characteristics, function, manifestation and immediate causes as follows in digital order:

(1) imagine the impossible possibilities
(2) talking and writing to chorsographic reality of infinity realms of life
(3) the priciple of time
(4) the priciple of hope
(5) the priciple of space
(6) time machine theory
(7) nature as futurist's
composition about reality
(8) the uncertain theories
(9) adaptable and appropriate
honesty and metta(loving care) and compassion as neo-universal being and doings
(10) birth of simplicities as complex theories of the present tense
(11) focusing on condition of human beings, not on human doings or human planning
(12) sociotechnological beings and becomings must be humanistic, natural and compassionate about humanity realms of wide civic scope
(13) good will and good attitude to identity-being of a person and to identity-being of community identity
(14) using ancient wisdom to be utopian reality throughout obserbation upon realism out of life
(15) truth condition and honest communication as utopian interpretation upon realism of the 21st century 's postcontemporary culture
(16) anachronistic criticality on reasoning skills for beighter moments of beings in silence and of being in motion are thoroughly observed.
(17) experiential wisdom for the future of realism is critical being out of arr of living and out of technique of life breaths
(18) telling stories are like telling beads of utopia's space-time liberation.
(19) dream-logic and dream-realism are experiential learning capicity of non-genious poetics of beings and of living and of life.
(20) the concepts'' being, having, doing '' are revoyaged through observant trip of life formation vibration for infinity pissibilities or neo-utopian -universal
birth of free wisdom or of tao or zen and of moruon-srillness awareness.
(21) the light of the white, of the black, of the green, of the red, of the blue, of the brown, of the purple and of the life-blood are highlighted version of utopian realism's abstract prose.
(23) the new birth of unbirthdays and non-beingness and non-becomingness
(23) quotidian life styles of universal truth in being and doing and nonlocality ofvl realistic -quantumic possiblitty and impossible honesty has been blooming garden of humanity utopia poetics of the real.
###(1995/reedited and remade in 2015, Hanoi, Vietnam: wrice _Writer Immersion peoject, Vietnam and Australia and remade in added in 2024)

nyein way

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