Mary Had A Mutton Fry Poem by C N Premkumar

Mary Had A Mutton Fry

Rating: 5.0

Mary had a mutton fry
From a farm hotel
On her birthday
With her parents

She was enjoying
The taste of the
Mutton fry dipped
In tomato sauce

A cute little lamb
Came close to her
And touched Mary
With its head

Mary hugged the lamb
With love so innocent
'You are so beautiful, '
Mary said to the lamb

The lamb said, 'You are
Now eating my brother
If you come tomorrow
You can eat me too

They will kill me
Tomorrow and fry me
And sell as mutton fry
You can eat me too'

Mary was shocked
And she threw away
The mutton fry and
Started crying loud

I will never eat
Animals in my life
Never again
Never again

Mary Had A Mutton Fry
Davis Fernando 06 August 2022

My daughter cried for hours and made a strong decision that she will never eat meat again. Powerful poem with simple words.

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Christopher 06 August 2022

Very beautiful narration of a story that questions the human love towards animals. We show love but we eat them. The poem creates tremendous impact in the mind of the reader. Simply superior.

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