Life, the wonderful dream
Never meets with reality
Till its final moment
Called death

Confessions of Krishna - 10

Oh, golden twilight clouds,

Own, possess and enjoy
That is the desire
That is the aim
That is the motto

Life is like a painting
We can not satisfy
Every viewer

Here is a doll for you, terrorist
Which was fondled by my daughter
While she was exploded by the bomb

Confessions of Krishna - 2

When my mind is cloudy
I have nowhere to place my head

Desire and despair
Are two sides
Of the same coin
We dream of stars

Confessions Of Krishna - 3

I heard your voice entranced
But couldn't see you in the mist

Confessions Of Krishna - 1

Decades back I had to leave you
To pool all my abilities in shrewd responsibilities

PUT IN all hate
In the mind
To the waste bin
And end the war

Confessions Of Krishna - 5

If I can make a song from my flute
Which can make oceans sleep

Confessions Of Krishna - 4

Some where in the horizon I saw your image
Painted by the airy brushes on the cloudy canvas

Confessions of Krishna -9

Through your sublime prayers you reached my heart
With your love you conquered me

Confessions of Krishna - 7

Why the morning birds are gloomy and silent
Why the sky is pale and dull

Confessions of Krishna - 8

To enlighten Arjuna in the Kurushetra war I told him
That he can see me in the brightness of sunlight,

Confessions of Krishna - 11

Your infinite eyes

Whether there is a god or not
The debate goes on
Some say there is a god
To some, there is no god

War! War!
Yes, it happens
Even now!
In this world

Confessions Of Krishna - 6

You thought I was conquering the world
And you believed I was ruling it

The day when you saw
The first gray on your hair
You just started realizing
That you too have to age


Thanks for visiting my page and reading my poems. I love my readers and I value their comments and opinions. So feel free to express what you think after reading my poems. I would be happy if the soft swing of my wings made any waves in your heart. From the busy life of a Lawyer, I saved some time for writing poems and some of which are now going far beyond my expectations. My Poem LIFE is selected by IGCSE, the English language-based examination developed by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) , recognized in the United Kingdom. Cambridge IGCSE is the world's most popular international qualification for 14 to 16-year-olds. It is taken in over 150 countries and in more than 5000 schools worldwide. Copy and paste the link below IN GOOGLE to download the IGCSE Cambridge UK religious studies workbook. https: // id=71059 Copy and paste the link below IN GOOGLE to see my poem 'LIFE, (The true meaning of Life) ' selected with '30 Powerful Poems about Dreams to Stimulate Your Ambitions' by Inspirationfeed- https: // Copy and paste the link below IN GOOGLE to see my poem 'LIFE, (The true meaning of Life) ' selected with the '20 POEMS ABOUT LIFE THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR MIND'. https: // Copy and paste the link below IN GOOGLE to see the beautiful video created by Canadian photographer Jagnoor Sandhu and Model & Artist Annie on my poem 'LIFE IS LIKE A PAINTING'. https: // Copy and paste the link below IN GOOGLE to see my poem 'Political Paradox' selected by Democratic Underground, the biggest political community on the internet- https: // Copy and paste the link below into GOOGLE to see a video created by the students in a US school with my poem LIFE. The school got two awards for the video. https: // I am a Lawyer by profession. Also an artist. Selected as the Advisor to International Artist Advisory Board by Artslant, USA. For details and news please search C.N.Premkumar on the net or visit my website by the link below- For Copyright and usage rights of poems for school teaching, video, textbooks publishing, etc. please contact me by email or phone- or Whatsapp +919447257272)

The Best Poem Of PREMKUMAR C N

Life (The Real Meaning Of Life)

Life, the wonderful dream
Never meets with reality
Till its final moment
Called death
Every day we dream of
Conquering new continents
And kingdoms
Without realising
All are illusions
And without realising
The final reality
Will one day envelop us
So finality is the true reality


Gerard Mc Glinchey 17 September 2012

Very good poems wish I was as good

65 8 Reply
Gerard Mc Glinchey 17 September 2012

Very good poems wish I was as good

58 6 Reply
Rakshita Gupta 27 June 2013

I really liked your poems. Your poems flows into the mind like a paint brush on the canvas. Your work is very lively and fascinating. I appreciate it. And you are also invited to check out my poems and comment.

52 8 Reply
Sveta Weaver 12 November 2013

i like the poem too it is so cool that i really read it and i love it very much

47 7 Reply
Riun Brand 12 June 2013

that was amazing you are a very talented man

49 3 Reply
Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 August 2022

I have read all his poems posted on this site. They are brilliantly woven, well thought out and very thought provoking.

7 0 Reply
Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 August 2022

C N Premkumar is a Poet of great depth and extraordinary talent. His wonderful pen can navigate every angle of life and love with wisdom and great insight.

9 0 Reply
Sylvia Frances Chan 28 August 2022

I like you as an artiste very much, since your words SEE and your EYES are PAINTING, dear Poet. We have so many things in common, only your life is much much more busier

10 0 Reply
Ron Wilson 24 July 2022

The philosophical poems are brilliant. I have seen many blogs on the poem Life but C.N.Premkumar

9 0 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Religion The most reliable Weapon of mass destruction Murdered millions than All wars fought together

For a true artist, yesterday's critics are today's fans and today's critics will be tomorrow's fans.

Power diminishes All virtues in humans And corrupts the soul

History is fiction written by the historians with real characters.

Life lives on life. All living creatures, whether plants or animals feed on living creatures, like animals and plants. We are eating life to live our life.

War is the creation of a greedy politician who never loves human beings

War happens as long as cruel politicians exist.

War! If a single child is killed in a war, all theories that glorify and justify war are stupid.

War is the best proof that some barbarians still exist in this world as political leaders.

War is the celebration and justification of all crimes like murder, mass killings, rape, robbery, infanticide, etc.

Those who have no love for dogs have little understanding of man.

Persons who have no love to dogs have less knowledge about man.

Atheism is another religion founded by opponents of god

God is the reason for atheism. Without the concept of god there is no atheism.

Earth feeds us till our death. Earth eats us after our death

Believers in god massacred billions. Atheists are just second to them.

Both religion and atheism have their foundations built on the concept of god. Religion follows god while atheism opposes.

Religion and atheism are two sides of the same coin. One supports while the other opposes god.

Sincere love and over confidence will cause future regrets.

Reality is illusion unrealized

Religion and politics are two sides of the same coin called blind belief. Religion is thrust upon by parents and politics is self-inflicted.

Religion and politics rest on the foundation of blind beliefs and blind hates.

Religion and politics cause confinements in our minds. Religious confinement is done by parents, while self does political confinement.

Religion and politics teach us the same principles. Blindly follow their beliefs and blindly hate other beliefs.

Politicians and religious people speak the same language, follow them blindly, and hate others blindly.

Politics is materialistic spirituality.

Politics is a game of gossip. The best gossiper always wins and becomes the leader.

Politics turn people into programmed puppets propagating lies.

Entering politics is easy like falling into a deep well. To escape from it is impossible due to the depth.

Best leaders in politics have no sin consciousness for their sins.

Every event in politics has a purpose.

All the massacres that happened in history were created either by religion or by politics.

In politics, truth is always buried in the tomb of lies.

Without religion and politics, man became gods and the world became heaven.

In politics, there is no philosophy. But politicians are philosophic.

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PREMKUMAR C N Popularity

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