Mary Of Nazareth Poem by Denis Martindale

Mary Of Nazareth

As Mary lay upon her bed,
She waited, deep in thought,
With many questions left unsaid
And truth the last resort...
For she was pregnant without sin,
Unwed yet God-blessed still,
According to His plans to win
Lost souls on Calvary's hill...

It came to pass that Joseph's love
Was tested by such news,
Yet came a dream from God above
That Mary he should choose...
And so it was the two were spared,
United in their faith,
Because they knew the Father cared
And meant to keep them safe...

Thus Mary came to Bethlehem
With Joseph at her side
And shepherds ran to visit them
And at Christ's manger cried,
Because they knew the Lamb of God
Would be God's sacrifice,
One day to offer up His Blood,
One day to pay the price...

A prophet knows the future well,
Thus Mary was foretold,
Her son would have a tale to tell,
The greatest story told...
She must be strong for what must be,
God's prophecies are true
And when Christ died for all to see,
Know this, Christ died for you...

Yet Mary is remembered now
By Christians on this Earth
Because to God's will she would bow,
In reverence to Christ's birth...
Each Christmas and each Easter time,
Her witness still lives on,
With faith and grace hearts find sublime
When saved by Christ, God's Son...

Denis Martindale, copyright,19th December 2012.

The Gospel poem is based on the film,
Mary Of Nazareth, shown on TBN Europe.

Website: tbneurope-dot-org

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