Master Peace Poem by Denis Martindale

Master Peace

From crimson blood Christ's healing flows
With power all its own,
The like of which God only knows
As from His pure white throne...
Because for Him, who rules on high,
His universe sublime,
Our Saviour came to Earth to die
That one and only time...

Golgotha waited for God's Son,
Like others once condemned,
Yet who could know what could be done,
What glory from that stemmed?
No prophet spoke to turn the tide,
No healer healed the Lord
And so God's Son was crucified,
With all His blood outpoured...

From crimson blood the tale was born
And thus God's truth imparts
Forgiveness so we're not forlorn
And sin-stained in our hearts...
When love stretched out His noble hands,
Men nailed them to a tree,
Thus to this day each understands
In one word... Calvary...

Behold the Man! Behold the Lamb!
Behold the King of Kings!
For He destroys the Devil's sham
And all such evil brings!
That's why the Bride of Christ is spared,
Eternal life assured
And miracles are daily shared
By Jesus Christ our Lord...

From crimson blood the Lamb of God
Declared His sacrifice,
In death, His falling head to nod,
Content He'd paid the price...
That's how the restless souls find peace
When pardoned, born again,
Because God's wonders never cease,
Nor shall they ever wane...

Therefore believe and be baptised,
God's Word to study well,
For don't you know you're highly prized,
Redeemed and saved from Hell?
Let others know the Master Peace,
From crimson blood once shed,
There's no-one else who can release
From sin but He who bled...

From crimson blood refined like gold,
Unblemished, spotless, pure,
The greatest story ever told
Is preached forever more...
Across the world the Cross is taught,
God's symbol most divine,
Shared in communion and in thought
In hearts like yours and mine...

Denis Martindale, copyright, June 2013.

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