Dwayne Banks

Matrix Of The Mind - Poem by Dwayne Banks

People often seem to think there is a way
to voice their opinion, at work or at play
To smile is a blessing, this part we know
welcomed in the summer, also when there's snow
What people see every day is not true
their own favorite color, amongst all the blue
The knowledge we possess, a Matrix of the Mind
thats why stupid thoughts, get us in a bind
A flower does bloom, though first it is a bud
fireworks can propel, then there is the dud
Illusions of granduer, will warp a heartfelt soul
thats why prayers are simple, for my Cheerios bowl
Journies can bewilder, the smartest of our time
vodka still stays bitter, even with the lime
It is often said, 'Do the best you can'
Daddy also told me, 'stay a simple man'
Photos that are taken have a special meaning
read between the lines, then you'll see a leaning
When you see a way to correct any wrong
please just simply do it, no one needs a song
Always please remember, this means don't regret
facts don't cease existance, just cause you forget.

Dwayne Banks
October 11,2008

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 9, 2012

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