Maybituin Poem by Hime Hiroda


Pitch black, the place is disorienting
A sonorous voice booms, sending the earth a-shaking
It gives radiance to the place
Stark bewilderment on my face.

'Can the waves rearrange the sands they displaced? '
'Can the volcanoes swallow, take back their violent rage? '
I know, both cannot - I think
Just like a ball falling up.

Awestruck, said I to the voice up high
'Why visit this evil-engulfed dome?
And from whence does such brightness come -
As bright as Apollo's chariot on its climb? '

Swift Mercury brings me a message
A prophecy from one great sage
I must learn, great Athena says,
From that thunderous melancholy voice.

A cliff must endure the pounding of the waves
A bird must fly against the furious gales
So must I, when I pluck off a rose,
Endure the stinging thorn of mournful woes.

I cannot take Apollo's orb
Without burning my mortal hands
I cannot reign in Hades' land
Lest I rival the lifeless horde.

Apollo's quiver has been pulled
The arrow has made it to the bull
And as the verdant leaves dance to the wily wind
So must the ends of my means be lived.

Again that deep golden voice I hear
Echo from far away as if it were near,
'I must go, I must desist
I am not needed - I do not exist.'

That wicked brilliance, so blinding the glitter
Now faded to the faintest glimmer
Back to the black from whence it came
Gone to play its favorite game.

What becomes of me, a mere mortal?
Given a key to open a portal
To a new universe - a paradigm shift!
The immortals mock me with their hemlock gift.

How the magi found and worshipped the little babe
Within the salient star's illuminated cave
Likewise, how fervently I sought this mission true!
Now, I have found it - this comet I pursue.

Now that dimming light from that North Star
Is slipping out of reach - to another great war
It was not the child of the Morning Star
It was born out of darkness, of blood, of gore...

I do not wish for it to go away
But it has already given me my Hamlet's play
For what use is its dazzling cosmic display
When the oppressing void has been made bright as day?

Joscephine Gomez 29 April 2007

Excellent! Your command of the language (of poetry) is admirable and your feelings/thoughts, well-expressed. I'm intrigued by the title. What's the story behind the title?

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