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Aoi No Requiem

Once serene this cerulean face untroubled
The golden orb with warm kisses it smothered
The playful zephyrs to it daily sends
Scents of plum, of roses and of the dame of night
To which the peaceful blue resigns in delight.

The water from below this peaceful blue
Swims fast and hard, frothy and true;
For every rock, it dodges, for every twist, it bends
Unlike this watchful and reluctant azure
That seems content with its niche so sure.

Sweet swift wind, the blue it gives a warm embrace
The soft fertile ground keeps the blue in a safe place,
The bamboo entertains with its rhythmic sways and bends
While the verdant leaves dance to the beat of the air;
Just as the birds render songs sung by naiads fair.

A lethargic peace bound this restful azure so tight
That this peace became its only life and delight;
Daily, blue languished in its sea of friends
Just as a princess might bathe in a soothing fragrant pool,
Or just as one might, in summer, lie under a shade so cool.

But one fateful night while the blue was sound asleep
The cogs of fate started turning within the secret deep;
With the sands of time, tranquility ends
As this peaceful life that made this naïve azure elated
Is snatched by destiny to make chaos reinstated.

The violent tempest, while brewing, blue ignored
Now has come with its vast multitudinous horde;
Cold blooded, it slayed blue’s friends
Upon these deaths, blue’s suffering heightened
With all the gore, even the light it frightened.

The raid ended and blue was left aghast
To gaze at the fields where the battle was lost.
To Hades, blue’s tears it sends
So that he to the departed friends may give,
Before he accompanies them on their leave.

Now blue mournfully treads on carmine ground
A place once peaceful, where friends were found;
Just as there are beginnings, there are ends
Just as there is holding on, there is letting go;
Blue has to suffer, this was fated so.

In front of the graves, a requiem blue sings
And wilted flowers to them it brings;
Gone are the songs, the beats, and the bends
Gone is the smile from the calm cerulean face,
Gone are the scents, the kisses, and the warm embrace.

Now blue walks with a façade- a mask
Always with a burden, blue does every task;
Even blue’s happiness’ zenith grief transcends.
Azure gaiety, peace and safety are nowhere to be found;
There is only this mournful, blood-tinted ground.

This cerulean face is now greatly troubled
Once a single ripple now is tripled;
Once, there were games and fun and friends,
Now there is only merciless shedding of blood…
Now, only grief-laden tears come to flood.

Then, tears only well up because of laughter
Now, those moments are gone forever and ever;
To blue goodbyes have been said by the dearest friends.
Because of the bloody sword, of tempest’s battle of gore,
Blue’s pure heartfelt smile shall be nevermore.

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