Hime Hiroda Poems

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Aoi No Requiem

Once serene this cerulean face untroubled
The golden orb with warm kisses it smothered
The playful zephyrs to it daily sends
Scents of plum, of roses and of the dame of night

Boku No Ai

Why does it always seem to end for me this way
Feeling such heart-wrenching longings day by day?
The sweet summer sun shone so bright for me earlier
But why could I not feel its usual warm caress

Ang Dakilang Adhika

Mahigit tatlong siglo ng dusa, dugo at luha
Tiniis nila para sa 'sang dakilang adhika
Para sa hinaharap, bayani'y nagpaalipin
Kahimanawari'y kalayaa'y sa 'tin masalin

Just Around The River Bend

Spring has come! Rejoice my soul for the frost is gone;
The blue that encased is now melted,
And the trees with scents are now sprayed
All with blooms be dewed, arrayed.

Frustrating Emotion

'Tis torture! this onus I bear
The world with its standards and various cares.
Can I not, for one moment, be spared?
My heart cries out its agonies and swears

My True Inspiration

Verse upon verse, rhymed and unmeasured
Burst forth from my joyful soul unfettered
My inspiration divine lives gloriously eternal
Though my mortal pen may prove ephemeral

Smile, Dear Mother

Where is it, the glorious morning star?
That with its resplendent rays warms me from afar
Where can it be, now that the cold bites my face?
Now that the dreary cotton fluffs cloud the sky up high;


Pitch black, the place is disorienting
A sonorous voice booms, sending the earth a-shaking
It gives radiance to the place
Stark bewilderment on my face.


Wise education - is it true?
Wisdom in men, now it removes
Automatons - all they are
For striving to move and to prove

In Praise Of The Wise

Admired are the meek
Protected are the innocent
Blessed are the naive
Praised are the silent.

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