Mckelvey's Daughters Poem by Francis Duggan

Mckelvey's Daughters

I do know Bill McKelvey he drinks in the Bayswater
An Irishman and a good man and he's got lovely daughters
He came to Melbourne years ago from Ireland and Tir Conaill
Land of the eagle of the north the great Red Hugh O Donnell.

His daughters Margaret and Carmel are charming girls and pretty
Bet you'd not find two nicer girls in all of Melbourne City
I've met them in the Normandy where Irish hearts grow merry
And old time Irish songs are sung old as the hills of Kerry.

Though born and bred in Melbourne Town they do have Irish faces
And through their young Australian hearts the blood of Ireland races
With ginger hair and cheerful ways they show their Irish breeding
One good dropp of Tir Conaill blood is worth one ton of feeding.

I've been to London and New york and to the back of yonder
But never met such friendly girls in all my days of wander
They win you with their cheerful ways it must be their upbringing
Those joybells in their carefree hearts forever keep on ringing.

I've known some nice girls I must say though I've not known that many
But nicer than McKelvey girls I never have met any
They've got a simple charisma that grows from self contentment
And in their young hearts there's no room for sadness or resentment

I do know Bill McKelvey and there's nobody better
And he's worked hard for what he's got and he's the real go
He's lived in Melbourne for many years and drinks in the Bayswater
And he feels proud and rightly so of his delightful daughters.

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