Me & My Horse

Rating: 4.5

riding together,
you and your horse.

as you run against the wind all you call hear is-
the wind wipping your ears,
the horse's hooves thundering beneath you,
the chains of your bit as the horse pulls against the reins,
and the faint sound of the horse behind you.

your horse stops,
the horse behind you catches up.

the race is over,
freedom will have to wait until next time.

Meg M. 05 May 2019

Yes! The imagery is so spot on. I enjoy a race here and there myself :) & your writing paints the picture so well! That feeling of freedom when it's just you and your horse, your writing got my head in that zone, and I'm on my laptop.. not my horse: P. It does end, eventually. But these moments are the best because, well you said it yourself... freedom. There's nothing like it. Great job!

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Kelly Spieker 07 December 2018

Hello! One of my students would like to use this poem for speech competition. We want to give you proper credit, and we were wondering if we could get a name besides Horse Lover to do that with. My email is if you would like to send it to me instead of post it on here. Thank you!

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Brian Jani 10 May 2014

Interesting concept used here

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Elizabeth T. 13 January 2008

Beautiful poem. It clearly expresses your love for horses. I love them too. Nice job

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