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Measuring Cup - Poem by Luke Easter

My daughter use to drink water from a measuring cup,
Doing this to make sure she always drank enough,
Every morning to be exact, there was a 12-ounce count,
A number she deemed to be the perfect morning amount.

You can’t have a vision if you’re not with a visionary,
Habakkuk 2: 3, it will surely come though it may tarry,
To realize her dream she first had to shape and set the mold,
At the Junior Olympics earning two first place medals of gold.

Is this program for you and not the goal of another?
How come there’s margarine on your roll instead of butter?
One person’s treasure is another person’s trash,
Are you training to come in first place or last?

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John was written for,
The rest of the New Testament to open up the door,
In the first four books preaching is proclaimed,
And with remaining epistles teaching is explained.

F.E.A.R., means False Evidence Appears Real,
Would you allow a cheat in a card game to deal?
Declare any lie of doubt, it will manifest & sink in,
According to every holy bible unbelief is a sin.

A lady walking her dog complained about 3 herniated disc's,
I politely said, “walk in faith don’t speak that from your lips, ”
Getting upset she said, “I have faith but this is my reality, '
Why measure less from the word and fill up on what you see?

Robert Johnson, the founder/publisher of magazines Jet and Ebony,
Had to part ways from a close childhood partner, setting himself free,
'Johnson you can't make it, ' said a friend who used to be Bob’s best,
You must separate positive from negative as far as east is from west.

The word will only work when it’s measured with faith,
That’s why some will get it early and some will get it late,
Whenever this dose of revelation is incorrect or missed,
Who among you has time for forty years in the wilderness?

Bible text is a recipe teaching us how to mimic the Father,
When your prayer is not mixed with faith, do not bother,
From scratch, the best cornbread ingredients freshly baked,
Will never come out tasting good as grandma's chocolate cake.

The only way the devil can take you down is to shut you up,
Psalms 23: 5, David said 'run over, ' he meant his measuring cup,
Don’t look for a Houdini to bring you out with a magic trick,
Greater praise is while you’re physically and/or financially sick.

Doctors treat your symptoms while God cures the disease,
Measure out a healthy dose of the entire chapter, Psalm 103,
Our Lord is the answer to everything, by now you clearly see,
Genesis 32: 26, “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.”

If someone is pulling you back whom you hold dear,
Stay far away from them instead of being near,
Whatever is causing the desired outcome to disrupt,
Do not allow it to ever fill up your measuring cup.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 16, 2007

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