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Medal Of Honor & The $1 Value Meal - Poem by Luke Easter

Sergeant Dakota Meyer, U.S. Marine is the quintessential hero,
However, his job prospects after discharge are zilch point zero,
Our nations Congressional Medal he saved 36 in fierce combat,
He’s chillin at home without gainful employment & that’s a fact.

Dusty, dinghy, deserted and densely populated is Afghanistan,
Watch CNN or read the paper, but you will never understand,
Neither can a tour behind the scenes give a good frame of mind,
There is no vicarious pleasure just thinking about the front lines.

So, as Paul Harvey would say, “and now the rest of the story, ”
Far from courage on the battlefield, the blood, guts and glory,
Dakota is experiencing retaliation blowing the whistle on BAE,
Believing a contractor was selling hardware to Pakistan military.

Not food supplies, cellular technology, pigs, camels or horses,
That serious weaponry that could be used against U.S. forces,
The kind he faced from death-defying odds to rescue 36 lives,
And in the process putting smiles on moms, dads, kids & wives.

This British systems contractor has his character under assault,
For alleged drinking, being mentally unstable, it’s his own fault,
Salem-News is just trying to figure out how this guy is still alive,
Not even grizzly bears dare to get honey from a packed beehive.

Any inquiries if Pakistan is buying high-powered sniper scopes?
Has someone in the Pentagon, White House, aided him? Nope!
Our chief Tim who spent many dark moons embedded at night,
Bullets flying overhead is choked-up telling the story to his wife.

It’s one thing to cover a story in places like Afghanistan and Iraq,
With a certainty when dreaming of home yes soon you’ll be back,
But to, “Ooh-Rah, Semper Fi” head on in the middle of an attack,
Only to get bombarded behind enemy lines and catch more flack?

He directly disobeyed orders putting his own life at risk to save,
The average Joe will call him crazy but it’s, “none but the brave, ”
Against the fanatical Taliban denying girls the right to attend school,
Their barbaric stone-age treatment of women as only men can rule.

With Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez, awarded the Navy Cross,
Lieutenant, Gunny, Army 1st Class, Navy Corpsman, lives were lost,
The age-old inner-service rivalry means exactly jack-squat in the heat,
I know this sounds corny but Tim’s wife Bonnie thinks it’s kind of neat.

This story has endless possibilities but enough is enough it’s time to go,
With all the illegal alien crap going around Chavez was born in Mexico,
The enemies we fight are not the only ones with a hefty case of bigotry,
Since there’s still a battlefield in America of racial and religious equality.

But not to get off track as the focal point is on an authentic hero denied,
The right to voice those concerns and be heard because he almost died,
General Mac Author said, “old soldiers never die they just fade away, ”
Exactly what the, “powers that be” want for some young soldiers today.

Some of you might say Dakota can rest on his laurels or sell movie rights,
Whereas everybody enjoys action plus drama and we love combat fights,
Not only that this guy is neither actor nor a stuntman. Yeah! He’s for real,
Medal Of Honor and $1 gets a double cheeseburger from the value meal.

w/Tim King

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