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Measuring The Assessment Of Motion

The quality of mass is affected by a constant momentum.
This pace of motion is the final theory of the length of time.
Hence the transit of years could be seconds or vice versa.
Like a variable phosphorescence interchanging its spectrum
the complexity of relativity is similar to a unexpected rhyme
hidden in a puzzle of pulsars with an unfathomable inertia.
Unraveling these mysteries into logic needs a symposium
in pursuit of invariables concealed in an innate paradigm.
Expectations of resolutions are dwindling like a an enigmatic
cryptic confusion obliterating our conscious perceptivity.
As a consequence we meander between our aspirations
of infinity with an affinity for fancy and the overly dramatic.
Gliding gingerly releasing our emotions with soft sensitivity
arriving at maxims and dictums of existential innovations.
The true essence is manifested through the unsystematic
counseling us gently to appear as confident and charismatic
bounteously generous shedding our ego for common dignity.
The acceptance of compassion results in angelic associations.
The incredible fascinations of an intimate incarnate expressivity
will emancipate the spirit to glorify the silence of pantomime.
We incept values of counterpoint to halt the horrific hysteria
of trembling tempos erroneously scurrying into overtime.
Waiting to enter our primrose paths offering our relations
to savour the timelessness of each soul's profound interior.
The senselessness of stress habituates with the frivolous fanatic
who laughably demolishes in doldrums dimmed in moonshine.
Heavenly choirs will then echo through valleys with golden rainbows
adorning our presence as mercy is rendered for the inferior.
The common man will be resolved of the assessment of motion
as the whales and dolphins with flying fish are dressed with halos.
The controls set upon mankind will be swallowed by the ocean
as all beings emerge beyond dexterously gifted with the benign.
This phenomenon will flourish as our quintessence and devotion
exceeds to credence of our virtues conveying us to ardently entwine.
The atrocious realities of apathetic inhumanities make us wearier
nonetheless we adhere to the axioms of a few of the charitably chosen.
With the scythe stands the grim reaper, beard in hand, to decline
perpetuity needlessly marking the steps to his ultimate mortality.
He propagates his unsentimental concepts of despicably subdivine
men who mark the ticking clocks for the permanence of inequality.
The insistence of injustice has redundant repercussions for the frozen
cadavers who are stained with a ball and chain as they evilly do undermine.
Notwithstanding this hideous attitude our urchins are quite superior
smirking smugly, confident of their convictions, so cozily enshrined
as they hold an oil lamp tediously while timelessly measuring eternity.
Monday, March 22, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: inward beauty

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