Memorabilia Limerick Poem by Adora Williams

Memorabilia Limerick

No one has been walking in their shoes since the last equinox
Take that as you will, words are just states of mind
Reality is just estate of mind

The trees were there, I don't know which kind
Perhaps we should give them names and talk to them
Perhaps they would have something to say
Something meaningful in such a meaningful way
But they're just there, and I just noticed because
The song that was entertaining me stopped playing
And I had to stop the car
Because my mind isn't a very happy place right now
I need to keep it busy

The birth of enlightenment, when the soul
Will be mature enough to be born
I'm not sure if I got there before
And if so, I don't know how to return
My mind was wiped out
I don't know if I would want to return, anyhow
If I could

The last tree after the wildfires, she was there, withstanding the ashes
I say it's a she because no man would carry on if his kind dropped dead
But surely he would be the carrier of the fire
And that, in a metaphorical way, turns me on

And, suddenly, the sky turns violet
Leaning to pink
Periwinkle the blue
Periwinkle the blue
Utter the statement hoping that it will be true

A pattern will be traced
Out of my will
It will be like lace
Beautiful, but translucent
You can see through it if you're not distracted
But my mind isn't a very happy place right now

The tree will prevail, the trees will turn it around
They will stay, go inwards, heal and be patient,
Like I should have been

And the ashes will turn gold
The gold will turn green

A new mote of stardust will come in

To be distracted distracting
Itself and never
Be still enough, never
Inhabit the body walking in their shoes
To notice the trees

Friday, May 13, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: existentialism,confessional,philosophy
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