The Worlds Within A Planet Poem by Adora Williams

The Worlds Within A Planet

The world I call mine is the view within the greatest view
I'm bound to pining for contexts I cannot code
It's like stripes going up and forward — an intersection
Each millimetre is the difference that we strive to balance
Before it becomes too real and lands in front of me

Contextual synonyms are much more bona fide if you think about it
Take the significance and duplicate it: the less glitchy it turns out,
The truer you have it

Your world, though, might be just making that love story work
I gave up on that perspective already
It didn't work for me
And, although I'm settled with unveiling hologram intersections and their glitches that produce life,
I envy you for fighting for love
You can tell me about it, using my words
You can show me your world, borrowing mine

I wonder if I could and how would I do the same, if I gave up that idea

The worlds within a planet are bubbles winding and colliding
Popping and trying to become
The new ultimatum

And there is none
You are just what you're up to at the moment

Friday, May 13, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: existentialism,confessional,philosophy
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