Memories Raised Poem by Andrew Jones

Memories Raised

Rating: 4.5

Tonight I will sleep
in the exact same bed
that once upon a time
I layed my more foolish head

Two years and two months ago
when I found out for sure
that you had passed to rest
pain no longer to endure

I guess I'm not sure if I'll sleep tonight
there's already so much on my mind
and bringing up memories of such things
isn't exactly a sleeping pill I find

I wonder if I'm letting you down
with the type of life I lead
I'm nowhere near the man you were
whether in thought, word, or deed

sometimes I wish you were here
so I could ask your advice
on how to take care of women
I'm not always so kind and nice

I know you would set me straight
and make sure I'd chosen the right one
but as it stands I'm quite lost
and too many girls isn't actually fun

despite what all my friends think
it sucks leading some on for so long
I'm can't go breaking all their hearts
you at least taught me that was wrong

I'm so afraid to hurt anyone
I end up ripping my self apart
and am alone for another year
with an empty unused heart

Mary Nagy 17 May 2005

This is such a heartfelt poem. I really enjoyed this. I often wonder what my dad would think of my life..he passed away in 1994. I believe they see us and help guide us from where they are. Good luck. Great poem. sincerely, Mary

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