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To say I love you
and to actually mean it
are different things

Memory you're always here tapping at my window
things of the past whether good or bad
you're always there to make me know
I'm not alone, whether a t-shirt or a smile

In many and various ways
God spoke to our fathers by the prophets
but in these last days
He has spoken to us by His Son

You are beautiful
that's what you want me to say?
you'd laugh in my face

'Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden
and I will give you rest'
for you should know whose image you were made in
and at whose table you are guest

The light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not overcome it
so it is clear we must confess
who causes this light to be lit

A vacant face filled with years of blank pages
A final chapter marked by the pain
of not being able to tell a story,
remember a grandchild,

My master loved schedules, precision, exactness.
He hated the flexible fluidity of wine-stained, mule buyers

To shame them he ventured to vocative vocation

The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have no ports and seventeen sheep,

Tonight I will sleep
in the exact same bed
that once upon a time
I layed my more foolish head

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Haiku 09 (To Say I Love You)

To say I love you
and to actually mean it
are different things

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Emma Anderson 14 January 2005

I find alot of people (male and female) find it hard to express their feelings, maybe they just need to find that certain something in their lives that will help them do this. keep up the good work! Em.

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