Mental Liberation Is Clearly A Construct That's Alien To Every Feudal, Serf Briton! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Mental Liberation Is Clearly A Construct That's Alien To Every Feudal, Serf Briton!

By Stanley Collymore

Why should a highly educated
and a discernibly mentally
clearly unquestionably
and a distinctively, thoroughly liberated
African American like Meghan actually
return to a place like Britain that really
is so staunchly inundated with feudal
mindset serfs, subjects, and multiple
plebeians that has been, and literally
still continues to be hateful towards
her, crucially because she's actually
quite essentially different! Meghan,
essentially has nothing to prove by
being there! And besides, she's an
American; not actually one of your
bloody Britons so basically there's
obviously, no truly relevant reason
for Meghan, to be really in Blight!
End, unquestionably, of this story!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
13 May 2024.

Author's Remarks:
A Barbadian saying: one might naturally out of possible curiosity, actually pay a visit to the local sewerage works so as to get an idea of what basically occurs to their faeces when it gets there; that done, however, they don't routinely go there or hold picnics in the vicinity of it. Britain quite essentially is the same type of location where Meghan is concerned. So you sheep are literally bleating at the wrong person - bah, bah! Lol!

And for those of you that obviously maintain the spurious notion that Megan doesn't come/go to the UK, principally because she knows she's disliked and will accordingly be by your sort be booed; ask yourselves this logical question, if you've the minimal brain power required to do so; what intelligent person, and of whom Meghan is quite certainly among that number, voluntarily or happily goes to someplace where they obviously know that rarely for justifiable but principally, though, for unjustifiable and prejudicial reasons they're effectively not wanted; have no real reasons evidently to be there either; and quite literally on their part wouldn't be seen dead there, for all that still goes ahead and visit such a place?

Braindead Britons and their likeminded convict and genocidal kin infesting other peoples countries with their corrosive presence, like for example delusional Terra nullius Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, might with their discernibly thoroughly empty lives, naturally do so; but no one with even a modicum of truly personal self-respect let alone consummate intelligence would ever contemplate engaging in such pointless action; and most certainly not someone as undeniably evidently self-confident, hugely literate and clearly, mentally liberated as Meghan.

Now does that satisfactorily answer your question, and similarly also kill off your unquestionably asinine speculations?

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