Messenger Of Love Poem by Diwakar Bhatt

Messenger Of Love

Let the heavenly muses be my companions,
Saga of love divine I would sing to millions.

Once the Lord of heaven deposed one demigod,
He being found disobedient and lowly involved.

Condemned for his conduct defying ethical code.
A desolate mountain was approved his trial abode.

His soul was cast in the fire of long banishment
Only to purge it with such harmless punishment.

The wilderness and loneliness he had to endure,
In a godforsaken no man’s land seemed insecure.

Heart captivated in the love of a beautiful damsel,
Away from her in a far off land difficult to settle.

Destiny we may call it or the bad time disguised,
Listlessly he trudged the rugged terrain despised.

Somehow consoled his aching heart to tolerate,
Hardships couldn’t last forever a natural dictate.

His mind was engrossed in the thoughts of beloved,
How to send her the love and admirations to be heard.

Rainy season was at the door step ready to precipitate
Thirst of every seed and sapling would soon satiate.

By his deep contemplation and witty disposition both,
An idea took birth to curb his melancholy and sloth.

He thought of making clouds his messengers unique
Swiftly move over plains and even above highest peak.

Truthful inspirers of love since eons, the soul stirrers,
Made loud invitations to clouds as esteemed visitors.

Personified clouds of many hues assembled in the sky,
Awesome sable, greys the real, and whites the passerby.

O! Monarchs of endless domain I beg your kindness,
Lovesick I am away from the embrace of my mistress.

Take message to my lady in a beautiful distant land,
Lofty palaces, lush gardens adorned the city grand.

When you reach there how will you recognize her?
Loveliest of all, tears in eyes, sad she would appear.

Emaciated by the loss of appetite and thirst even,
Denounced all pleasure she must have I envision.

She would be careless in managing her tresses curly,
Mischievous locks would be kissing her cheeks gaily.

She would be on the terrace high, eyes glued to way,
Undertaken by this unfortunate dunce to plod away.

She would be the one whose lips be bereft of smile,
Still her countenance would have charm of a nubile.

Must have lost her blush having anybody to praise,
Pink would appear when recalling her golden days.

You will find many women of her age in dalliance,
But life of a hermit she must have given adherence.

I took too much of your time to remove confusions
You gave sufficient ear needing no more allusions.

I beseech you to make haste for destination unknown,
Go and pour your soothing sensation in a little sojourn.

Your drizzle will convey my love as tender touch,
Tiny droplets will fall and massage her body much.

Your shadow will depict my love as deep concern,
Cool environ will generate to end the scorch by sun.

Silver streak of lightening will show love beaming,
A ray of hope it will create in her heart languishing.

Your fast moves will tell her the anxiety of a lover,
Will never let even her hair harmed come whatever.

Travails to reach there will tell a lover’s conviction,
Allured in my love she would feel no compunction.

Thunder from your entity would be lover’s serenade,
At her window to bring gladness all over to pervade.

Finally offer in a downpour your watery treasure all,
Lover’s message of sacrifice on beloved’s whim small.

Understand she will, messages delivered by your acts,
Her soul drenched in love will decode wordless facts.

O! Devoted servant of the rain god I rely upon you,
By messages of love, the agonies of her heart will subdue.

Nidhi Dev 09 July 2011

wonderfully written... quite touching... the rain God! ! messenger of love! ! Oh, a new idea indeed! !

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