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One day I took out a book from shelf,
Didn’t remember when I read it myself.

Slowly dusted with a cloth quite clean,

Hey, the hyacinth of my life so dreary,
Give me the alms of your love savory.

An indigent I am without love poured,

Hey! Come along! Let us sing love song,
Blissful time in life would never last long.

The moon and stars seem smiling upon us,

O! God! Curb all my vices as my wish first,
Redeem my soul from mire of greed and lust.

Purify it by the holy words of your discourse,
Assimilate it unto your cosmic form I propose.

The chilly winter is gone leaving behind
a cool clime salubrious,
The morning sun is greeted by singing birds
in tones mellifluous.

The summer night was lovely and gay,
Stars shimmering in the sky far away.
Full moon was no less than perfect,
As if a piece of some silvery artifact.

The vow I take to love you forever till my last,
Every word I speak, confirm an attitude die cast.

Eternity would still be insufficient, I proclaim,

Bride and groom been welcomed in Ayodhya,
A huge pompous procession followed Ram and Sita.

Whole populace pronounced slogans of praise,

When my eyes met yours, heart raced fast,
Rapture immense seeped in forever to last.

Song of love sung by the nature to greet us,

When you love someone in heart alone,
Craving and passion of flesh all foregone.

When meeting and talking gives pleasure,

The sun is setting in the west like a fireball,
Soon the dark night will lay its eventual pall.

The last night of the year passing to be history,

Dearest I would open my heart,
Pierced deep by cupids love dart.

Only your love can be the remedy,

O! My love, let me hold you in the bound of my arms,
Your delicate body and fragrance create utopian charms.

Enamored I am by the sensual beauty the God bestowed

The sweet feeling of your love I keep,
Pen scribble words as the heart weep.

My tears turn into poetry of love today,

I love you! It is a truth more than my life,
Lucky I am to have such an adorable wife.

So docile and lovable creature you are,
Bore the burden of my tyrannies so far.

Someone sweet I know for a little time,
More of a poem with rhythm & rhyme.

Smiling face charming able to cast a spell,

Let the heavenly muses be my companions,
Saga of love divine I would sing to millions.

Once the Lord of heaven deposed one demigod,

Love, an elixir of life, is God’s benevolence and grace,
A panacea for all despondencies we human are to face.

Away from you give pangs of separation,
Days and nights bring nothing but desperation.


God! The omnipresent, omnipotent, creator and destroyer,
Dwells in every heart without discretion between rich and poor.
He loves those who love his creations; live as well as inanimate,
He helps those who help others without any motive to promote.

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I am a civil engineer. Reading English literature is my hobby.)

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Dried Red Rose

One day I took out a book from shelf,
Didn’t remember when I read it myself.

Slowly dusted with a cloth quite clean,
Title “Romeo & Juliet” could be seen.

Suddenly, eyes filled with tears of pain,
A blurred image in mind sharpened again.

Stood with the book in trembling hands,
Such deep grief I could hardly withstands.

All happenings came alive before my eyes,
As if a dark night quashed by bright sunrise.

Opened the book with affection and reverence,
It was a gift from a damsel who loved me once.

I could see a dried red rose still in the pages,
Symbol of true and pious love since the ages.

It was the rose I put into her coiled tresses,
When our immortal love was in the genesis.

Recalled our amorous meetings clandestine,
Youthful verve and unbridled desires to pine.

One day she met in the lowest of her mood,
Swollen eyes told of unfavorable vicissitude.

We only wept together without a word said,
Lastly she revealed her betrothal, a real dread.

She ran berserk not able to look into my eyes,
Left alone dumbfounded soon burst into cries.

Never could I meet her to my dismay brutal,
Lost in the human deluge somewhere to settle.

In the aftermath, happened something blissful,
A book reached my address in a parcel beautiful.

Two drops of her tears smeared in kohl I found,
Retold the story of Romeo and Juliet to astound.

Dried rose she sent in it to finish all links earthly
Keeping memories of love in her heart stealthily.

Lived my whole life reminiscing the cruel day,
Now frail I am in body and mind nothing to say.

Wherever she might be, let love be her companion,
In next life it will be our rendezvous to joyous union.

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