Ramayana Part Iv Exile Of Rama Poem by Diwakar Bhatt

Ramayana Part Iv Exile Of Rama

Bride and groom been welcomed in Ayodhya,
A huge pompous procession followed Ram and Sita.

Whole populace pronounced slogans of praise,
Never again to be occasion heightened their craze.

King and queens eagerly blessed their daughter in law sita,
She would be the harbinger of a new happy era.

Many days passed in the festivities and celebration,
King called upon his ministers to announce Rama’s coronation.

As time and day was coming nearer for the felicitation,
Evil mind of Manthra was brewing a different concoction.

The maid servant of Kakai, most beloved of queen,
Lured Kakai to think Bharat to be the heir of throne.

Kakai made her seclusion in wrath chamber,
This was her vile method to show her displeasure.

King became restless and sad on this unmindful stand,
To make her happy promised to comply with any demand.

Kakai reminded the king of two whishes granted amidst a battle,
When she had used her finger as the pin of the wheel’s axle.

Demanded for kingship of Bharat against one wish,
In lieu of other, Ram’s exile for fourteen years.

He could not believe his ears instantly,
As she voiced her wicked thoughts blatantly.

Words pounded on his heart relentlessly,
A severe pain sized him all over traumatically.

He cursed himself and stared in the dusky horizon,
Began a tug of war between words and love for son.

He was a king not an ordinary father in question,
His words were more important than his dearest son.

Broken heart of a father wept at this cruel idea,
But to keep his words, ordered Ram to leave Ayodhya.

He held his hands high to the sky,
Lamented loudly as the son bade good bye.

A veil of remorse blurred his vision slowly,
It was his last order as he lost his senses fully.

When Laxman knew about this unfortunate event,
He rebuked with anger and resentment.

He was not ready to accept this unjust proposal,
Brother’s words only brought raging laxman to normal.

Sita pleaded to accompany Ram in this ordeal,
As she was his soul mate like an oyster and pearl.

Laxman was also adamant not to stay behind,
Where a mother’s love could be so blind.

As the three left for an unknown destination,
King was lying on deathbed in deep desperation

Laxman’s departure came to Urmila as blow,
Her spirits too mellowed with deep sorrow.

Her eyes were wide open without expression,
She was a lifeless form in depression.

She consoled her heart in the name of duty,
Proud of her husband embraced sufferings with alacrity.

Time would turn to be the best healer,
Aided with her patience unyielding forever.

Whole of the Ayodhya plunged in a sea of grief,
Nobody ever thought that happiness could be so brief.

Ram solaced them with his words and calm composure,
Telling it was not a great deed as he only obeyed his father.

These words made him a God “ The Maryada Purushotam Ram”
Obedience to elder, sacrifice for other stood first for whom.

Rama advised sita to go back telling her the difficulties,
But nobody was able to cross-question her wise replies.

As a shadow cant be torn off the substance,
The sun can’t be separated from its brilliance.

She decided to forgo the luxury and warmth of home happily,
She would rather do toilsome wanderings with her lord delightfully.

Journey was arduous for Sita comely and frail,
Still she followed firmly her Lord’s trail.

Laxman was their only companion,
Devotion to Rama was his only passion.

Bharat and Shatrughan were away to their maternal home,
Not knowing, what tragedy has fallen upon?

Called back on the aftermath of incident untoward,
Lost father forever and brothers’ love for a long period.

When Bharat became aware of the underlying fact,
Disdainfully, he lambasted mother’s regrettable act.

That sadness was wearisome, soul agitated with anguish.
But Mandvi, his wife consoled him to bear with god’s wish.

Great sage Vashistha addressed Bharata affectionately,
In virtuous words divulged the secret of life and death lucidly.

Bharat called himself a wretched and root of all miseries,
Sought permission to bring back Rama, to end all worries.

Diwakar Bhatt

Diwakar Bhatt

Delhi, India
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