Wright Palafox

Metaphysical Heart

It is the early days which spark much hope
And feeds the arteries to resume what started
Thus passion surged
And filled the chambers

Dreams were reality then
And reality into dreams
Each waking moment
Was surreal and overwrought

Expectations skyrocketed
And thinned the heart's walls
Carnal was the desire!
And sought every chance for fulfillment

Thus, when minor faults leaked
From the communal veins
One mused on and brooded over misgivings
And threatened to cease the heart…

Such devoir engendered
A coagulating pressure
Even if devoir attested
to faith and loving tolerance

Like the pressure which allows
Temperate blood to circulate
That same pressure upholds, promotes even!
A rupture of its vessel

You see, it is only time
Which decides whether the heart collapses
Seeking to avoid and LEAVE the ache
Churning within its chambers

It's the passivity when together
The ignorance when together!
The obstructed affection
Which induces "cardiac arrest"

The silent pride,
The reign of feral emotion
The finality to abscond!
Were bred, BORN in a metaphysical heart!

But love BATTLES
And struggles
And beats a thousandfold
For a brief moment:

It allows full passage
Given a clasp of hands,
A devout kiss
And of course, blunt affection

For within a brief moment
Such blasts away the plaque
Forgets the faults
And hems the wounds

With the passivity withdrawn
LOVE asks me, the bearer
Of the metaphysical heart:
"Why does your heart beat? "

"It is because I could not find
One more willing to love,
One more beautiful,
One more faithful

One more magical
Enough to make me forget
Not her actions, but solely her"

The arteries and veins surge with
Cleansing the deprived chambers once more
Like this, I need
Like this, I love

It is because of a clasp of hands,
A devout kiss,
Blunt affection
And everything else

That I forget the first nine stanzas
And keep stumbling on
Towards the subject of which
Has given me this metaphysical heart


Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 6, 2012

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

I am a philosophically deranged person.

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