Mine Is One Opinion Poem by Francis Duggan

Mine Is One Opinion

Mine is only one opinion and my opinions do not hold much weight
One dismissed as a radical commoner in a majority State
Seen as an ordinary poetaster I never said that I was otherwise
Yet my truths to me are quite truthful though others may see them as lies.

Others to my way of thinking I never try to convince
I'm just one ordinary fellow out of life trying to make sense
Trying to make sense out of living that seems a hard thing to do
What others think is their business I have my dreams to pursue.

Mine is only one opinion I am one of a minority
And I am not seen as important so who would take notice of me?
One more migratory stranger in a far Southern Town
Yet I've learned the law of the fair go never kick one who is down.

Mine is only one opinion one opinion nothing more
To convince you to my way of thinking I will not knock on your door
One more migratory stranger others must see me as strange
Just one who believe if you wish to change the World for the Better for the better yourself you must change.

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