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Misbelief - Poem by cabby desired

We all hope
we all pray
when someones sick
then we all pray that it goes away
but some times it sticks
some time it takes a life away
when that happens I always think
whats the use of praying to someone who never helps
someone unreal that lets the good sink
if he's real then he's left a bad impression on me it's like he only likes himself
the last straw he's lost my belief
he took someone dear to my friend
after she gave him so much hope
so now i think that there's misbelief
in the one that's suppose to save us all but instead he sleeps
I can't believe how people pray and say he is real
as I listen to them I always keep my lips sealed
but I always think how can you believe in something that's never been revealed
I always think how can you believe in something that never helped out
he just leaves you there to pout
to bawl your eyes out
it's really sad how some suppose of god
can just sit back and watch you go through this pain and not be phased at all
it makes me wonder how he can let so many people go young
it took years to gain my belief
yet it took a matter of seconds to lose it all
to me he is not real
or just a big jerk keeping his lips sealed
while people try to stay healed

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 4, 2006

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