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Mmgl Annex Ii (29-4) - (A-3(1) Special Contributory Nature Deficiency - Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

In the quoted example, possibility and means both become deficient. ‘Sound is permanent nature for want of shape. Any other thing is of shapeless nature, but it is of permanent nature, like the pot.' If it said like this, in the pot example, the created possible permanent nature and the means which is shapeless are both appear to be not there.

(a-3(2) Ordinary contributory nature deficiency
The fake example of ordinary contributory nature deficiency is to show a thing which is not there. The possibility and means of showing for such a thing, they are, so to say, are deficient. "Sound is impermanent nature, for want of shape/ So any other shapeless nature thing is impermanent, like the sky"—if it is said like this, the example of sky possible nature impermanent and the means shapeless nature, both are like saying "There is no sky as such.' Since the statement doesn't match, it becomes deficient. If any one says, "Sky is there" this would appear as if it is permanent shapeless nature. For him also it will be with fault, as a contributory deficiency.

(a-4) (Succession) Connection
The means nature and possible nature, by showing their connections, they will show the truth. "Sound is impermanent since it is made"—after saying this only, "any other thing done, ' if its connection is not mentioned, but is said, "Towards the pot when it is made, the impermanent nature is seen, ' the connection will be lost

(a-5) Deficient connection
.The connection that exists, and the means that is not seen both appear to match. "Sound is impermanent, since it is made.'—if this much only is said, whatever any other person has done is impermanent' like this its existence is not considered. ‘Whatever is of impermanent nature, it is being done'—it can be considered like this.

(5-1) Possible expansion
In the unnatural fake example, the possible expansion is the means nature stood again without recovering possible nature, ‘Sound has permanent shape'—after telling this, ‘Anything is not permanent, it not shapeless, like the atom supreme, ' like this if an example is quoted, then the atom in the example has permanent nature and shape as well, the means nature comes back and if the atom does not have the impermanent within the possible permanent nature, it becomes faulty and possible expansion unnatural fake example.

(5-2) Means expansion
If the nature of the possible expansion returns, the means nature goes without return. ‘Sound is permanent without shape'—after saying this, ‘Anything is not permanent, it is not shapeless, like lime'—like this if example is quoted, the unnatural example of lime remains in shape, but is impermanent, possible permanent returned, and became means shapeless not returnable.

(5-3) Contributory expansion
In the said example, means and possibility both are not present, or it is ‘True contributory expansion' or ‘No contributory expansion'—like this two categories it becomes.

True contributory expansion
An existing thing does not get back the possible nature, it becomes an unnatural example. ‘Sound permanent, because it is shapeless, '—if one says like this and then if he says, ‘Anything is not permanent, it is not shapeless, like the sky, ' the unnatural example ‘sky' to the person who says it is ‘an existing thing' it appears as permanent and shapeless. So, the possible permanent nature, means shapeless nature are both returned back. It became there a fake.

Non-contributory expansion
If one says, ‘Sound is impermanent, because it is shapeless' then ‘Anything is impermanent, it has no shape like the sky'—like this an unnatural example is shown, then it becomes that ‘the sky is not a thing.' It becomes a fault, as the sky becomes untrue, and possible permanent thing, means shapeless nature, again stood unreturned and it does not stand.

(5-4) Opposite
In a place where there is no possibility, to leave it without telling the means nature—it is like this. ‘Sound is permanent, when not done, ' ‘Anything is not permanent, not because it was not done' to clarify this opposite statement, ‘Pot is done because it is seen impermanent'—if it is said like this, it becomes an opposite unclear fault.

(5-5) Extreme opposition
To say a thing quite opposite, like ‘Sound is permanent, because it has a shape'—if it is said like this, and in that place without telling ‘Anyone place is not permanent, and there is no shape also, ' if it is said, ‘In anyone place there is no shape, in that place there is permanent'—the opposition becomes an extreme opposition.

12. To find out the truth
What is shown so far, they are bad means shown inferential inferior truth and the untruth also is examined under these perfect rules to find out the truth. This you should keep in mind clearly. Like this Aravana Adigal explained the Buddha Dharma.

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