Rajaram Ramachandran

Gold Star - 25,013 Points (13-7-31 see reverse / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

Rajaram Ramachandran Poems

1. Ramayan Part 31 - Rama's Search For Sita 9/24/2004
2. Ramayan Part 22 - Bharata's Request To Ram 9/23/2004
3. All In One 7/31/2003
4. The Life Of Lord Buddha 10/18/2003
5. Do Or Don'T, It's In Our Hands 5/28/2004
6. The Triumph Of Labor 8/1/2003
7. Power Is Great Or Service? 8/1/2003
8. Ramayan Part 52 - The Nagaastra (Serpent Darts) 9/24/2004
9. 01 (Sakuntala) The Hunting Expedition 8/7/2003
10. Costly Joke On Condolence 8/13/2003
11. The Science And The Religion 9/7/2003
12. Habits Die Hard 9/11/2005
13. Girls Or Boys, Educate Them 8/12/2003
14. The Golden Days Of Students 1/6/2004
15. Peace Or War, It's For You To Decide. 8/11/2003
16. Gold Or Grain, Which One Is Great? 10/6/2003
17. The Knowledge Fountain 8/1/2003
18. Ramayan Part 15 - Journey To The Forest 6/21/2004
19. Ramayan Part 30 - Sita Guarded In Asoka Garden 9/24/2004
20. The Greatest Wonder Of The World 9/14/2005
21. The Sane And Insane Man 9/16/2005
22. The Trade Test 8/1/2003
23. The Public Opinion 7/31/2003
24. The Eve Teaser 7/31/2003
25. Ramayan Part 32 - Jatayu, The Bird Dies 9/24/2004
26. Ramayan Part 34 - Rama Sees Sita's Jewels 9/24/2004
27. Carrot And Stick 1/22/2004
28. When A Siren Blows 7/31/2003
29. Ramayan Part 23 - Bharata's Role As Ram's Deputy 9/23/2004
30. Mom Or Son, Who Is Guilty? 10/8/2005
31. Ramayan Part 25 - Years Roll By In The Forest 9/24/2004
32. Ramayan Part 18 - Dasaratha's Last Moments 6/24/2004
33. The Untamable Shrew 7/31/2003
34. The Greedy Milkman 8/1/2003
35. Life Isn'T A Bed Of Roses 1/13/2004
36. Our Mother Earth 7/31/2003
37. Ramayan Part 51 - Ravan's Tricks With Sita 9/24/2004
38. Ramayan Part 14 - Sita Accompanies Ram 6/20/2004
39. Is Paper Vegetable Fit For Cooking? 3/3/2004
40. The Day The Earth Stands Still 9/9/2003

Comments about Rajaram Ramachandran

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (4/19/2020 10:41:00 PM)

    I wish him all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for him. BEST WISHES FROM: : : poet Kumarmani Mahakul #368 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information, the rank on date 19 April 2020) (Today's Rank)

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (4/19/2020 10:37:00 PM)

    Rajaram is specially a God gifted poet. His poems on sainthood of Sai Baba are very pleasant and heart touching. His emotion is well reflected in his socially valuable writings and his perception talks directly with readers when the readers read his beautiful and beneficial poems. He is a rare poet with rare talents. I feel fortunate to read and review his works. He dazzles like a star in the sky of the world literature. May God bring happiness and fortune for him. (Part-2)

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (4/19/2020 10:32:00 PM)

    Rajaram Ramachandran is a great Indian poet of high reputation, who has gained international recognition due to his high literary perseverance, spiritual development and noble personality. He is writing poems since 1965 and he has published many books of ethics, epics, values and spirituality. When we read his poems based upon great epic of the Ramayana, we feel his devotion for Lord Rama. I know him very well and I have read his poems of high philosophic values! (Part-1)

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  • Lweuj Wepti Lweuj Wepti (6/21/2019 1:59:00 PM)

    Rajaram Ramachandran is a master of the art of simplicity. His paintings is appealing to young and old alike. I accept as true with he's certainly one of India's treasures. " ★↡↡↡↡★★★══════❥❥❥❥❥HERE► www.candycash7.com " His poems and translations
    deserve a great deal popularity. I respect and recognize his noble try and build enduring'
    innovative bridges between the Eastern and Western worlds.

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  • gangan k. best poem (11/16/2018 5:42:00 AM)

    Add a comment best

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  • Sochukwu Ivye (10/4/2017 1:57:00 PM)

    Standing out in a crowd. A great asset to any team, carrying everything in style. Your mind works in wondrous ways, dear bearer of fine poetic taste.
    Do lots more.

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  • Kannan G Kannan G (3/24/2010 10:42:00 AM)

    Firstly, I bow before you O Great Messenger of Love and Peace! I am a newcomer to this site. I just had a glance through the title of your poems and was highly impressed. That your pen has been able to throw light on the profound greatness of such array of luminaries of humanity and spirituality is really appreciable. In course of time I will take time to read more of them. Meanwhile I would like you to know that I have pasted here a collection of my poems on the well known social worker late Baba Amte. I think you would be interested in reading more about him. I would like you to kindly go through some of them at your convenience, give your valuable comments and help me spread his universal message of harmony between man and man and between man and nature.

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  • Www. Poemhunter.com/m-d-dinesh-nair-2 (9/30/2009 4:32:00 AM)

    ........... A magical blend of spiritual and philosophical thought planks and a relenteless mind that keeps his mind ever vibrant..that is Shri R Ramachandran who is unquestionably one of the best three Indian poets on this website.Shri Ramachandran`s poetic potential has time and again proved that he is simle and deep within.Keep writing sir.

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  • Sarda Mohan (9/23/2009 11:53:00 PM)

    You have written - ' And what's seen is unreal! '
    But what I have read and felt is real... any other word would be flattery and just leaves me elated.
    Tears of joy fill my eyes everytime I read those beautiful thoughts expressed in a very simple language that communicates with my brain in a powerful manner.

    Words fail me as I bow my head in respect to Thee.

    With lots of prayers and respectful regards,
    Sarda Mohan

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Best Poem of Rajaram Ramachandran

##01 (Vivekananda) The Birth Of Hinduism

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA (A brief introduction)

Swami Vivekananda (Narendranath Datta) was born on 12-01-1863 at Kolkata and died on 04-07-1902 at 39 years of age. He was a disciple of Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who worshiped Mother Kali. Swamiji was the first religious ambassador to America, in which land he was recognized for his talents and deep knowledge in the Hindu ancient scriptures and religion. He was advocating for Universal Religion. Every world citizen should read his speeches in 9 Volumes released by the Ramakrishna Mission Association.. His life story starts with ...

Read the full of ##01 (Vivekananda) The Birth Of Hinduism

God Is The Real Owner

'My Master, the peace of mind
For me, where shall I find?
I am, day by day, restless
With my mind peace less.'

A king went all the way
To the forest one day
And before his kind master,
Knelt down with this prayer.