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#(Buddha) 02 Gautama Buddha's Parents - Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

Gautama Buddha was born,
In the year 560 BC, as a son
To King Suddhodana, his father,
And Queen Maya, his mother.

He was born at Lumbini,
Near Nepal’s Kapilavastu City,
Lying at the Palpa Foothills,
A part of Himalayan ranges.

In Queen Maya’s dream,
A white elephant came
And entered her womb,
As a sign of divine scheme.

As a further sign of greatness,
There were several birth marks
In the body of the child,
When he came to this world.

To his utter misfortune,
Mother Maya, the queen,
Died after seven days,
Leaving him motherless.

Mahaprajapati, Maya’s sister,
Who, as his foster mother,
Brought him up thereafter.
He grew up under her care.

Siddhartha was his name,
Later, Buddha he became.
The best of royal attention,
Every moment he was given.

When Sage Asita from Himalayas,
Saw Siddhartha, the young prince.
A kind of mixed feelings he had.
Tears of joy and sorrow he shed

He told, “Oh King, listen,
At last, a great savior is born.
To protect sufferers, he’s here.
But I’m having my own fear.”

“If as a king, when he rules,
He’ll do with truth and justice,
But his chances are more
To become a Sage in future.”

“In any case, surely he’ll lead,
In the right path, this world,
But I’m too old to be there
To see his glorious future.”

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