Moderation Stops Botheration Poem by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

Moderation Stops Botheration

How to exercise perfect moderation?
This question needs due deliberation
Just because we enjoy fine liberation
Indulge not please in over-celebration

Bring in life proper moral restriction
And give mind strong construction
Body must follow mind’s instruction
Moderation is the best prescription

Napoleon was very over-enthusiastic
Hitler was hypo critic and jingoistic
Idiameen was foolishly idiotic
A greedy mind is always chaotic

In life be a reasonable critic
Mind must regain like elastic
Learn flexibility from plastic
Love will do every fine trick

In life never be too rigid
As stand will become invalid
Moderate approach is splendid
Men lost because they overdid

Be cautious in being candid
Remember, tongues often skid
Over action spoils even a kid
Moderation is the best bid

People who are too venomous
Exploit those who are magnanimous
God that is why remains anonymous
His power continues to be enormous

If Nature shows her real prowess
It will stop the World’s progress
God alone must help redress
And save the World from distress

Too much causes only severe damage
So, skillfully, life one must manage
If is available God’s loving patronage
In life no harm in being only average

Despite injustice must one control one’s rage?
Then will end evils at last at what stage?
For helping God only demands no wage
Against evils, a war, God does really wage.

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