Sarah Mansaray

Rookie (December 24,1996)

Monologue- Madness - Poem by Sarah Mansaray

' 'Sit up straight', 'pinky out', 'women always sit with their legs crossed', 'say please and thank you', 'walk with elegance', 'be a lady''. (Sigh) Why do they want me to do this? I don't want this... I never have. Why can't they just understand? Especially mom. (Mimicking tone) 'Do this, Dress like that, Oh darlin don't slouch! '. Ugh! If only I can run away from here, maybe to New York, and make my dreams come true. (Jordyn gets up and gazes out her window) Look at those kids out there. Pfft, dumb rich socialites. To me they're just pedigree poodles. Born into a rich family, trained to be 'perfect', and just used to boost their family's reputation. I won't lie, thats technically what i am right now. I need a plan. Maybe Dad will back me up....... No, I doubt it he's a sucker for Mom. Everything she says, does, or even tells him to do, he follows behind her like a lost puppy. (Sighing she walks away from the window, and walks into her bathroom) . If only Christian were here he would know what to do. He would know what to tell me... 'I believe in you J, you can get past this'. Oh how I miss him. Ever since his death I've never been the same. (She picks up a razor blade and stares at it) And, now with this thing around the corner, the cuttings beeb more frequent. I know I need to stop but I don't know how. Ahhhhh! ........ What do I do? Why can't I just live a normal life! I never asked for much! But the one time I want something, that brings me happiness I am shunned away from it, and literally pushed into this superficial world. Its time to make a change. Why should I live in the shadow of my mother, if this society. It's time to be my own person. (Jordyn walks out the bedroom, and down the hall to her parents bedroom) I need to start anew. And, the only way to do that is to take one step at a time. And, that first step is talking to my parents. (Takes a shaky breath) goes nothing...

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is my very first monologue that i've ever written, please give feedback.

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