MoonBee Canady

' More Than Any Of Us... ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

Braver … Than All The Mighty Lions Can Roar
Braver … Than All The Spirited-Wings, That Soar
Braver … Than All The Explorers, Who Explored (Philippians 2: 7,8)
Braver … Than All Or Any Of Us … Is The Lord

Truer … Than Those Who Faced Beasts, Who Devoured
Truer … Than Any Martyr, Who Has Been Whipped & Scoured
Truer … Than Any, Who Have Faced Hate & Been Scarred
Truer … Than Any Creature Ever, Is The Lord

The Freedom Fighter … More Than Any Mortal-Soldier
The Freedom Fighter … More Than Any Mortal-Warrior
The Freedom Fighter … More Than Any Army Corp
The Freedom Fighter … Problem-Solver & So Much More

The Leader … More Than Julius Caesar
The Leader … More Than The Great Alexander
The Leader … More Than Queen Elizabeth-Tudor
The Leader … More Than Eisenhower Or Any Super-Power

The Conqueror … He Is Unbeatable, Undefeatable
The Conqueror … He Is Undeniable, Undefiable
The Conqueror … He Is Invincible, Indefensible
The Conqueror … He Is Unstoppable, Unswervable

Stronger … Than Any Petrified, Nailed Board!
Stronger … Than Any Bound & Thorn Whip-Cord!
Stronger … Than Any Guard, Or Tombstone Hard!
Stronger … Than Any Bloodied, Spear Or Drawn Sword!

(He’s Stronger Than Any Bullet Or Bomb Can Explode)

So, Look Higher … Than Any Arch Cathedral
Look Higher … Than Any Gold-Domed Temple
Look Higher … Than Any Religious Symbol
Look Higher … Than Any Cosmic Or Man-Made Idol

The One Messiah, The Worthy One, Paid What We Can’t Afford
The One Messiah, The Worthy One, His Blood & Soul Outpoured
The One Messiah, The Worthy One, The Christ, Who Restored
It’s All On Record … GOD Gave His Word, GOD Gave, The Lord

Braver … Than All The Lions & Beasts, That May Roar (Rev.13: 11-15)
Truer … Than All The Saints & Self-Made Saviors Or Survivors
Stronger … Than Any Enemy, Higher Than Our Hearts, For Love Is His Core
The Freedom-Fighter, Leader-Conqueror, Who Will Win The Final-War (Rev.16: 14-16)

Braver … Than Any Human Being, Ever Born

GOD … Please Grant Us:
The Courage Of Jesus
The Strength Of Jesus
The Loyalty Of Jesus
The Love Of Jesus

The King Of Kings (Rev.19: 16)
The Prince Of Peace (Isa.9: 6,7)
& The Amen … (1 Cor.1: 20 & Rev.3: 14)
That’s Why … In The Name Of Jesus (Philippians 2: 9-11)


His MoonBee

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 6, 2009

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