More Than Award Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

More Than Award

Rating: 3.5

How long will you keep me waiting?
All troubles are in abundance and waiting
I keep staring at sky for some solution
I find no answer or formula for dilution

It is another name given for life journey
You may always be kept short of money
Sometimes it may be unwanted accidents
Sometimes attacked by near by residents

Love is repaid in form of rude attacks
Simple allegations to keep lot more at stakes
Life is simple made hell for nothing
I continue to pray for something

It is chosen path to remain committed
Slight mistakes in earnest always admitted
Not giving a single chance for people to resent
I avoid presence and try to remain absent

It is not running away from the scene
Sometimes you are implicated for being seen
It may be sheer coincidence for your being there
Still you will be forced to commit somewhere

Such events make you to think fresh
You are not a part still they try to trace
A tail leading to your involvement
You are harassed and feel sorry for such movement

How can you remain aloof?
Your innocence is not taken as proof
You are blamed for nothing
Even though you have said for everything

I have undergone trauma and suffered a lot
I have lost the war without being fought
I am not discouraged but feel so sorry
It adds to tension and worry

I can not leave the field as coward
I must think new and look forward
Even though I may not get reward
But the self satisfaction may be more than award

Sachin Goswami 19 March 2011

Such events make you to think fresh You are not a part still they try to trace

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