More Than Hate Poem by Anders Lim

More Than Hate

Feed my anger and tell me lies
What more can I see through your eyes
You never cared about me from the start
Yet you’ve occupied so much of my heart
As I cut it off I feel the pain
Has all this time been put to vain
I know I love you deep inside
Can’t you see how hard I’ve tried
You’re an empty dream I’ve chased for so long
Where the f**k did I ever go wrong
I’m left with nothing but the deception of fate
What have I done to ignite so much hate
Nothing but disgust every day and night
Just get the hell out of my sight
You’ll never know how I really feel
These are scars of my heart that will never heal
A tear rolls down whenever I try to forget
Every single lie which I still find hard to accept
Tears of my heart has all been drained
Get lost! I never want to see you again
You’ve destroyed my life, nothing remains
I’ve lost much but what have you gained
Was this your true intentions all along
What part of this makes you feel strong
You’re a b*tch for as long as I live
You’re the only one I’ll never forgive
Don’t justify yourself; don’t even try
Coz you’re the only reason I want to die

Grace Angelia 01 October 2008

hmmm This is exactly how I feel about my ex-bf Very fine piece of work =] xx

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C T Heart 01 October 2008

Scares me lol! ! ! A piece full of anger and hatred penned so well...Thanks, great read.

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