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Faithfulness is a wish to have
Praying in the altar of divine love
I search forth, from dawn to dusk
To bestow the ideals in your heart

I want to be free from all the worries I have in life.
…free from the pains and heart aches of my past strife.
…free from the cage I lived for a long, long time.

If you only know what’s in my heart;
You won’t stare at me this way.
For you’ll know all the answers why
I am tearing apart?

Age speaks our time
In this enchanting world
We have survived
as the last page of the book

In the skull of darkness and fears
Where pain resides with tears
The agony of one remain hidden
Until the smoke of fire goes up

C T Heart Biography

Poetry is the tender expression of one’s psyche in which it commences from the throbbing of the soul and the screams of the heart. The majority of my oeuvre were printed in a swift flicker of my creative wits; be it abstract, eloquent or vivid opus. C T Heart aka Catrina Heart, is extending her utmost appreciation to every one of you. Taos puso po akong nagpapasalamat at nagbibigay pugay sa inyong lahat. Muchos gracias mi amigo, amiga...)

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Icy Pearls

Faithfulness is a wish to have
Praying in the altar of divine love
I search forth, from dawn to dusk
To bestow the ideals in your heart

Thought a gift in me will do the sway
With carriage and optimism to mold a clay
Of an ideal we, in this saccharine world
And you to dwell here in my heavenly adobe

An endeavor so rocky, stiff and bold
Never will be warm to an eyes cold
Glimpse of a callus appreciate the shot in me
Barren beauty, bewildered in the thoughts of He

Death’s arrow in an apple fruit present
Reasons constructed to fall permanent
I couldn’t embrace a rosy torn
Continuous bleeding is what I born

Strange sadness elope not in me
Tears fall in the pinky pearl petals
Quivers the entire being of he
Rest not in the arctic mountains
Lay sound in the arms of a balmy young

C T Heart Comments

Miriam Maia Padua 21 January 2009

ct heart..your name itself gives you a meaning...ct heart with a heart full of love and dreams..understanding and compassion...a TRUE PAULINIAN TOO.. im glad i found a Paulinian sister here.... paulinian by heart and mind...by words and deeds in us, these words imbued 'CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS'..... 'The Love of Christ Urges Us'

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Jerry Hughes 15 December 2008

C T, you're a fine communicator, I enjoy reading your work tres much. Cheers, Jerry

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p.a. noushad 10 November 2008

your poems touching my heart

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Sexy Mujj 06 November 2008

tha Poem a Pinch of Sparkles is a very good poem your rhyming is very good.

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Sherif Monem 26 July 2008

To be with you is very powerful poem.

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