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More To Life. - Poem by hadarms dha poet

There is more to life than just CRYING; It all started with a JOKE Teasing and smiling with your FOLKS Laughing in pains and crying in GAINS No one wants to live in VAIN. Life is short, mum is GONE Dad is done, leaving ONE Life ends here, that you THOUGHT An orphan surely had no LOTS Watching a scene on your SCREEN An accident that makes you GRIN All family dead, worst than YOURS Wiping your tears, Jah is JUST There is more to life than just LOVING; Flames of your heart are BURNING Urges and feelings you are EXPRESSING Heartfelt love you are truly SURE This is my heart, please keep it PURE Minutes later, you are keeping TABS As if you've known, she BACKSTABS Your heart broken into PIECES You still love her, what a MISS! Walking on earth, you met ONE Love and trust turned her to NONE Stories you got, worst than YOURS Wiping off frowns, Jah is JUST. There is more to life than just HOPING; Days so fast turning into NIGHT Hoping tomorrow will bring the LIGHT Hopes so high as night TRANSFORMS Time to take the world by STORM Here is dawn, what should i DO? Hopes all scattering like a FLU Didnt i say something a day BEFORE? Why today am already BORED? News reach you, your mate is DEAD Hopes and aims out; unworking HEAD This you know is worst than YOURS Hakuna Matata*, Jah is JUST. There is more to life than just LIVING; Hoping and loving are part of LIFE Laughing and crying do make us STRIFE Do your best and leave the REST Life is but a wasted QUEST. Born today, tomorrow he's DEAD Less importance on things with END Oh dearie, you are gone too SOON Rest in peace, death not BOON. If you've not thank God for every SMILES Why you blame Him for every CRIES Live your days and not with LUST Keep on moving, Jah* is JUST.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

*Hakuna Matata: No more worries *Jah: God

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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