Moss Poem by Maria Mitea


Rating: 5.0

as I go up and down the stairs,
the rain stopped abruptly as if struck by lightning,
the breath of spring deflowers my lungs,
I see two eyes bathing in the outpouring of sounds,
the chirping of birds snatches my mind,
pulls it on a string,
- the thought
sits on the lilac leaves,

I cling to everything that gets in my way,
I feel like then
when I was drowning in the pond at the far end of the village
hanging from a willow branch
at the bottom of the water, I hear your voice,
you were whispering:
'breathe, breathe, move your hands
move your legs,
it will come, it will come '

with the tightness of my heart, I take my head out of the water,
expire water,
for the rest of my life, I stay away from thirst,

at times

I prefer to be a sauerkraut
or dilute like a mercaptan
which passes through its own volume of air,
raising its value to an acceptable limit,

I search,
I give myself time,

I end up in a world of smells,
lichen, moss scent the forest
without losing patience
or weight,
lazy molecules (arouse my envy) ,
- little magicians on stones,
faithful masters of the forest boulders,
a carpet of green moss
I will be,
without blood in the veins,
without flowers,

today I will be
a moss that absorbs all the moisture from the rain
until I get over my own invisibility.
#lichen #forest #overcoming #emotions

Kostas Lagos 18 May 2021

To my favorite list!

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M Asim Nehal 18 May 2021

I saw a complete movie through this poem. Straight to my Fav List..5***

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Thomas Case 04 July 2021

superb writing

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Rob Lamberton 04 January 2023

I like moss! My grandmother use to collect it from the forest and replant it around her home along with ferns!

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Indira Renganathan 02 July 2022

Every line is wonderfully descriptive...awesome score

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Rajnish Manga 23 May 2022

Thank you very much for having read my poem followed by your kind feedback.

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Rajnish Manga 23 May 2022

I really don't know how to express my feelings on finding such an exotic imagery wrapped around a topic which doesn't cause an internal churning.

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Maria Mitea 23 November 2021

All my gratitude for reading and writing back! I deeply appreciate it!

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