Dan Saefullah Mustapha

Mother; An Inspiration To My Life - Poem by Dan Saefullah Mustapha

When I look around and see how beautiful the world truly is
When I perceive in my wild imagination what has accounted for this beauty
When each moment in my life I breathe the essence of enjoying the bliss
This life has offered with so much I would rather not miss
When all my life, I am surrounded by an inspiration to ease my pain

Every single attraction and contraction I feel is the purpose I live with faith
Because the inspiration of my life is in the care of a 'she'
Imagine a creation in a creator from a single drop of an element
Imagine a size you and I begun with is a size of a lime
Fingers opening and closing, toes curling
Eye muscles clenching and mouth making sucking movements
Yet in the unseen world of a 'She'

All the beautiful things that brings just a perfect smile
Is associated to a 'She'
The sun that gives birth to light
And brightens our day for luxury is a 'She'
The trees which births the fruits for our delicacy is a 'She'
The sea which keeps safe the naturals within it is a 'She'
The womb that kept the originality of my being is a 'She'

To what do I then owe my inspiration if not for a 'She? '
And my 'she' is my mother and now the world must know
The world must know how she inspires a lad
Through the beauty and unique love she is made of
For my education and wellbeing
She will starve with joy just to see me satisfied

In the worst of situation, she would put on this beautiful smile
Even without a word just to make me believe everything is fine
I remember when she had to walk miles 'slippersless'
When the saddened news came to her that I was missing
I remember how she lifted me, held me close to her bosom
I could feel her heartbeat so fast and all she said was 'are you hurt? '

Lines of tears drawn on her face yet forcing the smile of relieve
She would build confidence in us even when what is left at home is a cedi
She would say 'you see this one cedi, it is a blessing'
And this inspires me to awaken the living ability in me
If mother will not deny the significance of a cedi
I'd rather die than to deny her of the trust and faith she has in me
And mother will always be my best friend
And Mother will always be an inspiration to my life

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 29, 2013

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