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Mother Nature

Rating: 4.5

With my heavy feet i walk all over you
you just smile and let your warmth shine through
over the scorching desert into your oceans
we walk all over you,
rinsing our hands with your source of life
poluting your mind with all our man made things,
oh mother nature how sorry i am
for walking over you
how sorry i am for not claiming up to it.

How beautifull you are when twilight comes
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Barbara Terry 10 July 2006

Carike, you made me cry with this one. Lynda is so right that this is lovely and so vividly painted instead of just written. I could see everything you describe here, and it is such a shame that we have to be so disrespectful to a great lady that feeds us and gives us water to drink and air to breathe, so that we may survive. Thanx for sharing this Carike, it is so lovely to read. Barbara

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Lynda Robson 10 July 2006

This is lovely, very descriptive and so true well written best wishes xx

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