Beautifully Broken

Rating: 5.0

I saw it in your eyes
under that disguise
no matter how you tried
i knew that you had lied

Your soul ran away
you didn't want to stay
and i was ripped apart
'cus i knew i lost your heart

I understand you wanted more
you needed to shut this door
but how was i supposed to see
that the one you loved was not me

For i have done everything to make you love me
but love cannot be forced upon someone so free
you turned to me and touched my face
i felt your sweet embrace
the softest words were spoken
and you left me beautifully broken

Jurietta Duraan 11 April 2008

Baie mooi - ek is nie altyd mal oor rym nie, maar jy doen dit 'eloquently' en met 'style'...

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Lungelo Mbatha 16 November 2006

i'd call that 'sweet-painfulness', it reminds me of a place i've been to...nice work!

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Kristin Davis 10 July 2006

Hi Carike... I'm just stoppin' by to letcha know that I found this poem charming with awesome flux and rhythm. Thank you for sharing! Ciao, Kristin!

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