Mother's Love Poem by Natasha Kirke

Mother's Love

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There are angels,
Not in heaven,
But on Earth.
They watch over the children they dearly love
And upon each brow,
Lay a kiss that blesses each child
They cast their spell of love and tenderness upon the child
And protects it from harm.
It is fairytales that say angels have wings
They soar high with kindness and love
In the hearts of children.
Their deeds are often forgotten
Cast aside
Taken for granted.
But their love never fades.
A woman shakes her head
She is worn out from her work
She is tired of flying
She works all day
She looks after her children
She cares for them
And loves them dearly
She guides them through life with her wisdom and kindness
Her hard work is not recognised
She is rewarded with little
She either receives a small kiss or a quick hug;
A small expression of love
Or met with words and hands of unkind touch
Which sinks that poor heart
And sheds a tear from her shining eye
What angel of golden heart deserves this treatment?
Her golden light does not shine through their eyes
They do not see how hard she tries
However, she does not turn her back on them
Her love will never cease
She is a hero in her own right
No axe or fist will break the bond between mother and child
Or shatter their love
It is a bond that fire or steel will never scorch or break
The love and care she gives is greater than any victory
Stronger than the sea’s waves
Dearer than the bees’ fondness for honey
And softer than the touch of a feather
Such is the love of this angel and all others
It is in every harsh word
Every kiss and embrace
And in every sentence “I love you.”
The love of an angel is divine in power
Yet so soft in touch
These are the angels that we should love and respect
This is my angel that I love

Shihabudheen K J 05 December 2010

I liked it.i feel my mother.

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