Spaces Poem by Natasha Kirke


Places where people or objects should be
Empty and deserted
Places devoid of life
It is here the lonely live and sleep
Their happiness forgotten long ago
They seek solitude and peace
Away from the judgemental world.
When human hearts turn cold
Pound no feeling into the soul
Hurt by loss or charred love
Or frozen and emptied by trauma
They are filled with black space.
When anger counteracts all other feeling
The space is filled with red pumping anger
The compelled mind is indulged
With a cornucopia of savage and turbulent thoughts.
When they subside and uncouple
They are replaced with blankness and guilt
In the end there is just space.
People and towns are gradually filled with spaces
And all becomes silent and deserted.
Empty vessels
But there are places where hope can be found
Places of happiness
Spaces filled with goodness
Filled with warmth
Filled with hope
A space can be filled with anything
With good
With bad
Something physical
Or emotional
Or something beyond normal psychological understanding
An unknown world in the mind which only the owner can reach.
A space can be anything anywhere
Any time and any dimension
As long as it is somewhere within the realms of the universe.
There are many spaces for you to fill
There are many new sights and sounds
New towns and cities
New people yet to meet
Who's places in your world are not yet defined
There are many spaces to be filled and discovered
Just fill your space wisely.

Shihabudheen K J 06 December 2010

Can you hear me.if you can i will tell you a story relating to the dying of people living in the worlds biggest cities fighting for a little space.nice my'naked souls'and reply.

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