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Once on a midsummer night,
a feathered friend with her broken wings
perched on my right shoulder.

Its queer eyes began sharing agony

Aren't these children thy creatures Almighty?
They never resemble Palestinian descendents,
whose mothers solicited
thy wrath and anger in one span of history.

A dare dream brings to my destiny
an uninvited guest!
This is not at all a tale of mystery,
but a factual history.


Open your window,
you can see my childhood
waving naughty hands at you.

Souls are naked
are you confused?
Romance has no eyes.
There lies the hazy

Hidden trenches along snowy woods
Guaranteed pains nested upon marshy weeds.
Beauty manifests in nature glare but risk
Rain sought thunderless is lusty mock.

So late she appears in the twilight,
so fast she vanishes from the midnight.
miss her for she feels the rhythm of our soul,
adores her as she brings the eye of my angel!

what are memories?
i asked myself! !
got some questions instead of solutions!

I asked my dream yesterday.
'why are you always bringing her image before my closed eyes!
dont you know she is still alive! '
Dream replied nothing but continued showing my princess walking beside me through strange lonely paths holding my hands against her.

It was a foggy fullmoon night,
behind the shadows of church light,
a Rose with a cut finger
shed her petals in my grave without a linger.

The rain
She enters the stage nursing
her daughter's longstanding pain.
She makes love with the shades

Grandma's bones no more filled of calcium,
Eyes and nose resemble points on face stream.
Legs and thighs torn apart,
Pathetic belly bent onto sticks upfront.


lingering like a wild angel,
swimming through the limitless blueskies,

Ende hridayathinte aaradhana shilpamanu nee.
nilavinte neelaharam
ente thanthrikalil charthiyathu
ninte manpedakannukalayirunnu.

I have an aching heart that cant wait anymore
to meet the 'the princess of fall'!
I have kept my passionate eyes kept open all twilights
thinking of her misty woods and lusty moods!

I wont let you see her sublime spirited zooming eyes.
They are windows of my soul.
In the image between dusk and dark,
her angelic cameras struck my gene codes.

You said you were in love with may flowers!
I rode my dreams through countless gulmohar valleys
In search of you!
Found limitless skies

Midnight opened its doors long before me
The night bird has returned way back home chirping
Memories spreads its claws over every inch of mine;

I have never ever met my delusions in real
In the beginning of life,
I were someone's dream
In the bygone days,

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me very frank, i always in love with artistic and young doing btech course in production engineering at vidya academy of science and tech.thrissur, kerala, india.writing poems from the very childhood, has submitted many poems in regional magazine in malayalam. i always talk about refugees, chidren's feelings, mother earth, beauty, and my dreams.........iam sure in the days to come, i will find my place in the poet's circle, if only my readers readers are the mirrors through which i ponder the worldly philosophies, they tell me how the world the climate affects them all.more than a poet, , , , i like to become and is in little terms a developing philosopher.........'its the end of living and the begining of survival for those who are the real servants of this world rather than just being refugees of the mother earth' wat so far are u suffering, there are more sufferers in your neighbourhood and the world over, who needs your love, care and positive push........ask me more as am feeling my readers the same way my dearest feels...........)

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My Feathered Friend

Once on a midsummer night,
a feathered friend with her broken wings
perched on my right shoulder.

Its queer eyes began sharing agony
being the sacred deity of a distant moor;
languished purple cheek quoted
enchantings of an insane priest;
wanted wings carried gravity of followers
arms and prayers;
swollen lips felt like too much
adored by daily queue feedings!

My incessant care brought her to my lap,
pretended listening to its murmers,
chained it in a silver abode full of status
dressed over to my business!

Rain came, dew invaded and storm plundered
my hillresort!

I returned on a misty eve,
could smell some lifeless
purple-white feathers dancing on the floor.

Our feathered friend was found dead
Deeply moved the human in me,
felt like
'weren't that priest and his blind followers
better than you, MR.naturist?

I opened the cage, alas!
for my surprise, just
under the broken wings of my dead friend,
a dream purple baby bird was seen
adoring its bygone heart,
imitating his great mother bird
full of sacrifice and proven worth;
carrying him over the constraints,
winds and mountains;
waters and fences.

I nursed him on my heart,
narrated avian tales of time!
dedicated my left life to nurture him up.
Not remorse, but
empathy! !

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Kaila George 13 April 2014

From your poems that I have read you write with a feeling of romantic bliss that captures people heart...I love the wording that you blissful...its amazing what I have read so far...I see a wonderful future for you....kind sir please never stop writing such beautiful I read each poem you have gained a fan in your writing...thank you for inviting me to read your poems.

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Neela Nath Das 22 May 2012

The humanitarian, optimistic, socially and politically conscious poet he is.Very deep to delve into.Magical ability to focus on the content of the poem.I'm really his admirer.

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Natasha Kirke 05 December 2010

Your poems are very short but so meaningful! To express so much in so few words is a great skill! You are skillful indeed! :)

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