माँ, याद बहुत आती हो, Mother Will Miss You Very Much Poem by Brajendra Nath Mishra

माँ, याद बहुत आती हो, Mother Will Miss You Very Much

Mother will miss you very much.
I was young,
Was lying asleep early in the morning,
You only had to get up,
You wake me up
From deep sleep
Mother, then you did not look good.

By sending me to school,
Tended to look at your household chores
Clean the house,
Preparing the food,
You would be waiting for me,
I used to come from school,
Millions of instructions you give,
I could not hear anything;
I used to throw shoes somewhere, socks elsewhere,
Pants - shirts and bags anywhere elsewhere
Then you start feeding me,
Latest - fresh vegetables, curd rice and lentils
Flavour -filled new,
New preparations everyday you used to cook;
I used to take the feed
Electric fan that moves overhead,
You would still be fanning the wind
With your saari’s corner,
Thou, looked so good to me.

When I grew up,
Got admission in big city college
Had to go first time in the big city.
You came to the station to leave me,
Came across your eye,
You hide the tears,
I was a little annoyed from your instruction,
For the new city, about living,
I sat in the train
However, the list of do’s and don’ts
Covered in your repertoire
Became longer and longer,
Then you would be a little irritating to me.

When my phone does not come on any day;
You become restless,
For fulfilling my desires
Your sacrificed your dreams,
Your empty life would wear a decor,
When my life will run and prosper,
I did not understand then,
I was not swayed by any sentiment.

I was busy in my study,
The sentiments were weighed on argument,
Until I did not understand you.
Makin a bid to make a career,
To touch the sky in higher education’s flight,
Life ran on the fast phase,
Visions arise in the mind.
I did not understand you,
Your image becoming blurred
In bright light of professional education
Emotions vanishing,
Emptiness encompassing.

In the same period of life,
Inner conflicts kept growing ‘nd multiplying
When did she met me,
Do not remember anything;
I got my life a little on track,
Been able to fathom,
Something in that agitated churning phase.

Everything happened so fast,
Could not make you aware
Could not even bare.
A gap - which were pulled.
Mother’s phone occasionally could not answer.
Or used to answer with little - yes or a no,
Even to talk on the phone becoming less.
It was something that came to be silent;
Between me and mom,
Relationships remained silent now incommunicative.
She could not bear the silence,
She could not live with it’
One day suddenly become vocal silence,
The mother’s body vanished in a bright light.

When the aunt in the neighbourhood revealed
' Son, your mother's lap’s saari’s corner
Was always damp,
In your childhood, that was filled with milk,
It is now high in salinity,
The sweetness was short-lived.
You made her life painful,
She lived life for you,
You devoid her of joy. '

Mom, you put a stop to your compulsions;
But that threw a cloud of depression on my life,
Make me live as if an insane – a bit.
You are now taken the shape of an angel,
Keeping your hands raised praying for me,
The touch of your prayers have made me safe,
‘m alive because of that only.
My baby resting on my chest,
'm drinking the salinity of tears rolling my cheeks.

You are in my breath flows,
You live in me;
You are here somewhere to pray,
Holding, putting on my boat hull,
Out amid storm
You put the steering in my command.
In my heart, mind,
Tan in life
Your love – nectar be showering,
Mother’s love is mine
My life is imbued - lyrical,
You love would not go in vain –
To regurgitate nectar,
Mother, do miss it very much,
Mother, and You are my liking in life,
Mother, and you looked so good! ! !

This poem is inspired from the behavior of a youth seen after he is settled in his job. He starts ignoring his own parents who have pegged in their hopes on their sons/daughters. After everything is over there is only repentance.
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