Mourning And Laughter When Time Is No More Poem by Oluseyi Akinbami

Mourning And Laughter When Time Is No More

Men will mourn, the departure of great men
Who wrote by deeds in golden prints
Impeccable marks so indelible as they go along
Though few and scattered in nations
Known and unknown whose life lives after they be gone
In verses unforgettable and so remarkable

Men will mourn when these are gone
Though never celebrated and unsung while living
At whatever age, as they pass on
Their deed is the greatest asset which time never can erase
At their exits though unknown and unpopular
The world will mourn

Men will mourn, in timeless remembrance
Of few amongst us, for whom vanities are strangers
Where a faultless life is the assets
Amongst thousand erring men on the gloomy path
When they are gone
The light is out and men will mourn

Oh that we may know
Ere these be gone, the witty ways in their minds
The rare pathway to fulfilled life
The abhorrence of vanities
The essence of the short journey
And that which matters the most

And for these
The world will laugh aloud when they are gone
Wishing them an earlier exits
The evil men of our world
Though too late they pass away

These who greedily live like lords that they are not
Forgetting the few days of our lot
By natures compulsions which they mistake
For selective power of the gods

These whose ways are transgressions
Treading on good code all as they go
This is true
Men will see their end
And Lough so loud

When the greatest power upturn their arrogance
When the temporal tenor of their wrongs is due
When the shame of their evil prevents them
Men will Lough at the foolishness of evil men

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