Mr. Armstrong Poem by Udaya R. Tennakoon

Mr. Armstrong

Rating: 4.0

Greediness in mind explorers
Endless limit, in the miracle of desires
the seas and oceans are named and sailed
Skies and space are demarcated and penetrated
The land is dominated and occupied

The whole of deeds of evolution and revolutions
In which one thing is the concept of "humanity" defined.

Human are superior
Human are intelligent
Human are powerful
Humans are the world and universe

The moon without human an object
In the sky at night a paradoxical Light
The poet and scientist are face to face
And drink imagining
To whom it belongs today and tomorrow

One of superiors visions
One of the powers plans
One of the poets sees
One of the saints blessed

A man who placed his foot on the surface of the moon
You are the man Mr. Armstrong
As a human, you may have a reply
By side of humanity, you may have or not a reply

To you the moon, an object that the poet thinks
Might it be wrong if your science proves
Science and findings are not so far sure
The earth is in danger

Who might go on to live on the moon at the end?
Even the Saint, a victim in this gloom
maybe the gods are too helpless

I am a poet, see the feeling
Light in the night makes me mad laughing
Bunch of flowers of humanity, in the case of love
Thousands of similes and metaphors by the moon

Sunday, January 23, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: science,humanity,desire,greed,earth,moon
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