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Aimless mind slap bang
Coated out to spring
Dressed up, bear body hiding
Set out the old road along

I am a star
Larger than the moon
Size cannot be seen
I'm because of so far

Above the space
Among countless stars
The moon was rising

My bag with me like shadow
Comes without a word
Hanging on my back
Bearing burden inside

The apartment of the heart
A reserved room of vacant
Every day clean at night
Close the door and switch off light

Swarming you from out and in
Rising in all around
Come to advance
To defeat the evil

The time it was insisted
In torrential rain of thunder
To exile and to say good bye
You may have not known

When hunger came
I went to kitchen
Cooked rice
Made a soup of chicken

An eye sees
Mind goes and dreams
The rest is stagnant
Through a small hole

While reading and thinking
From somewhere else
Disturbs me
You come to me

You wish
a sleep
I wish
a coffee

In a small heart
A big vacuum to be bared
Burden and feelings of things shake it
Sometimes by a cyclone

Along the Roadless sky
Across the strange clouds
Around the universe
Wander you a widow moon

Once upon a time
There was a May Day
It was fact for their right
Once upon a time

I am Meaningless
Pouring words of you
That is thrown at me
When I am subjective

Rocky rains are hit
Dusty winds are blown
On me, to my side
Against and again

It is useless to pour water
To a downward pot
Though it is necessarily critical
In a drought of thirst

Udaya R. Tennakoon Biography

As a Diaspora Poet, he lives in Zürich, Switzerland, but his home country is Sri Lanka, where he was born in 1970. Being a political refugee, he sees the world in many perspectives and engages with writing, theater, and research. Tennakoon graduated from University of Colombo and University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. At the University of Basel, Switzerland, and also at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, He has studied ‘History' in his bachelor, ‘Drama and Theater' and ‘Peace and Conflict Transformation' for my master Studies. As a writer, he has published several books in Sinhala and has done some theater works. He contributes articles to many websites and also as a social activist, he has been engaging with many voluntary works inside Switzerland and Europe as well as outside in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Udaya R. Tennakoon)

The Best Poem Of Udaya R. Tennakoon

Evening Walk

Aimless mind slap bang
Coated out to spring
Dressed up, bear body hiding
Set out the old road along

The bus or the tram
Unless may be the train
To right or the left no plan
Time and space came

The side where I belonged to
The tram was on way from left to
Undecided space came think to
Opened the door just get into

Passengers were on seats
Passersby were in streets
Seemed to be direct targets
Looking at their end points

Planned and minded among
Blank and aimless I am
Getting down one by one
One and only in I am

Reverse way to the direction
Same as the tram to go again
Waiting for till times come
End or the beginning no aim

Passengers were on seats
Passersby were in streets
Driver is on the seat
I am also on my seat

All they know their aim
I don't have a plan
Left or the right same
Just for the pass time

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Fabrizio Frosini 04 October 2018

waiting for an unpublished poem of yours for our next Anthology - 'SPACE OF THE MIND'... ;)

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Fabrizio Frosini 07 October 2016

_______________________________________ sent you a copy.. got it? _______________________________________ Our ebook is also online at Amazon.com 🎉 _______________________________________

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Usha Punathil 23 September 2012

good poems! ! ! CONTEMPORARY AND SENSIBLE congrtas

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Usha Punathil 23 September 2012

good poems..contemporary and sensible..congrtas

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Without minority called it is motherland Without symbolic father called it is fatherland Way of rhythm seems to be a grave land War of victory celebrates in barren land

In a house they live Two wars done in their worlds Calmness, deepness sit in hearts Where the peace lives

War Crime: A punishment to the past In that criminals were enthroned A prediction to the future In that humanity to be Civilized and dignified

Meaningless is the meaning of life

The dream that I dream will never dream at the bed

Time to change the world by changing the word called world

If you say ' oh my God ', then it is not the God of outside

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Udaya R. Tennakoon Popularity

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