Poem And The Thesis Poem by Udaya R. Tennakoon

Poem And The Thesis

Rating: 4.0

While reading and thinking
From somewhere else
Disturbs me
You come to me

Behind words
Between spaces of sentences
Blossoming up and erases the read paragraph

You insist me to open a blank page
I forget all
I sleep with you
Whole the day in happy

Write not what I want
Write what I like
Line by line fill up flowing like a stream
Finding an undreamed end

Body and mind bathe and lighten
Like a pregnant mother delivered
Reading from up to down
To name laughing and crying baby

In the sleeping time
When I start to read and think
To go to the aim
To cure my headache
Again it slowly wakes up
Through the lines of spaces

It is an irresistible rise
But aim is also unavoidable
When find a sleeping time
Extra things to be done

Thomas Hsi 20 September 2012

I have enjoyed reading your poems, and I know that writing poetry in English is still relatively new to you. But I think you are doing a fine job. You use your words economically, and I appreciate that.

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Erika Wingo 20 September 2012

So lovely..you have depth my friend.

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Indranil Bhaduri 19 September 2012

Wonderfully expressed.....Loved it

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Terry O'leary 17 September 2012

It's a tough life... good poem... Terry

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