Mr Johnson Is Banal... Poem by Adrian Wait

Mr Johnson Is Banal...

Mr Johnson…
A Stranger to Truth
Thirsting for power
Allergic to responsibility
Opportunist choose their hour
Too wise in your own eyes
A litany of Lies, broken promises
Carelessly, indifferent to others
Ego driven self-serving knowledge
Careless of others and self-centred
Empty vessel of diabolical insincerity,
Bloated Blather void of content
Words dripping with insincerity
Forgotten before you sit-down
You're a feigning shallow-hearted charlatan
Terrified foreigner to accountability
Brutally indifferent to compassion
Narcissistic, self-absorbed, shallow
Void of any empathy, dead to conscience
Casually and callously indifferent
People are just ‘walk-on-actors' in your film
Recklessly disengaged, petulant immaturity
Cowardly bully, spiteful bitterness untamed
Playing the clown the heart of your Lies
Greatest of fools fooling only yourself
Destitute in credibility, trust, and honesty
Appeals to the worst of human traits, Greed
Selfishness, softminded conformists, shallow
Devoid of discernment, or process of analysis
Destitute in compassion and empathy
Abundance of indifference and deceit
Destitute of morality and decency
Abundance of duplicity and Lies
Destitute of compassion and humanity
Abundance of psychopathic traits
Wise in your own eyes, a road to perdition
Knowledge without Wisdom
A very real danger, to our Nation.
Mr Johnson is Banal.

A.R.Wait: PMQs 20.05.20

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