Music Poem by sallam yassin


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you ask me why music is important to life
Why you don’t listen to your heart
Who’s playing his piece sweet
For your life
Why don’t flow in wonders
With nature’s sigh
In symmetry of dark and light
In day and in night
Why you don’t fellow
See that we speak
In rhythm of rhyme spark
Making sound and silent
With soul motion deep
Our scene alive with passion of life
Why you don’t sway in dance
When winds sing
Her song in morning to engage
The rhythm in life
Trees and weeds swing in ecstasy
Celebration of light in life
Music math
Music art
Myth and common of man is music

Simply when heaven rains to kiss desires
Of earth
And shakes hear! heart
The nature plays music quake in magic
In music the time and life flow in pace

Hans Vr 24 November 2013

and the music and melody of your poem touches the heart of the reader... excellent

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 21 November 2013

Music within the heart throbs the music out side chirp of the birds rain drops breezy sound the hope fulfilment all nice Sallam Bhai thanks

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Wahab Abdul 21 November 2013

lovely one, i enjoyed it fully.. intriguing piece..

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sallam yassin

sallam yassin

Hargeisa, Somaliland
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